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7 Benefits of PMI Membership for PMP Certification Aspirants

PMP Certification Aspirants

A lot of people stay confused about whether they should take the PMI membership or not. They often question the worth of PMI membership and aren’t aware of the benefits that come with PMI membership. Just to give you an idea, PMI has more than 500,000 members globally. 

Well, in this blog, we will dig deep down the benefits that PMI membership offers and analyze whether it is really worth it or not.

About Project Management Institute (PMI)

PMI is the leading global association that aims to advance the practice, science, and profession of project management throughout the world conscientiously and proactively. They also seek organizations to embrace and utilize project management and then attribute their successes to it.

With that, let’s discuss the various benefits that come with the PMI membership- 

1) Save on Certification Exam Cost

If you are a PMI member, you can save quite some money on your PMP certification. Did you know that the cost of PMI Membership plus PMP certification exam fee is less than the fees of just PMP exam? 

Here are the numbers to explain it more clearly- 

  • Cost of PMI Membership- $139 (including $10 application fee)
  • PMP Exam Fee for members- $405
  • Total cost of PMI membership plus PMP Exam- $544 (Member cost)


  • The PMP Exam Fee for Non-PMI members is- $555 

Did you see that? Even with the membership, you get to save $11. So, taking the PMI before registering for the exam is a no-brainer. Btw here are some handy tips on how to crack PMP certification; dive right in. 

2) Free Copies of all PMI Published Standards (including PMBOK Guide)

As a PMI member, you get a free copy of all the standards that PMI publishes. All PMI members can download the PDFs from the Library of PMI Global Standards. Not only that, CAPM and PMP aspirants also get a free copy of the PMBOK Guide’s newest edition, which again saves them about $40. 

3) Benefit from your Local PM Community

Once you sign up for PMI membership, you can apply to join your local PMI chapter. Being a part of the local PMI chapter will help you network with like-minded people. They also provide a great platform to learn from experts and exchange information with peers. You get to connect with other local PMI members who share the same core passion for project management just as you.

PMI chapters also conduct PMP preparation workshops for PMP aspirants, and as a member of a PMI chapter, you can get massive discounts on these workshops. 

Just to mention: Non-PMI members cannot join PMI chapters. 

It can help you build a vast network that you can rely on for support, idea-sharing, and guidance. 

4) Free PM Magazines, Newsletters, Journals, and more

PMI Members also get free subscriptions to-

  • Project Management Book Of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide 
  • Hard Copy of PM Network: It is a magazine covering all the latest news and trends of the project management industry. This comes monthly, and believe me; it’s quite helpful and informative. 
  • Hard Copy of PMI Today- PMI’s monthly newsletter. 
  • Hard copy of PMI’s Research Journal (Quarterly)
  • PMI Community Post: A bi-monthly electronic newsletter.
  • And a lot more…

5) Gain Leadership Experience through Volunteer Opportunities

As a PMI member, you get various opportunities to volunteer throughout the year. Volunteers get the chance to meet renowned leaders and experts, strengthen their skill-sets, and earn professional development units (PDUs), which further helps them maintain their PMI certifications.

Serving as a volunteer is a great opportunity to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs) and gain valuable leadership experience. 

6) Access to Career Development Programs

As a PMI member, you get access to tons of career development programs and resources under Career Central, which immensely help in your career growth. These career development programs guide at each step, from building your resume to acquiring new skills, and even help you stay updated on the latest trends. On top of that, you can submit your resume on PMI Career Central and search for jobs.

7) Discount on Books, Software and other Merchandise

Another significant benefit of being a PMI member is that you get insane discounts on all PMI published books, tools, articles, research papers, software, etc. Not only that, but you also get discounts on PMI’s Global Congresses, Seminars, Research conferences, and all of this helps you earn PDUs.


In summation, I must say that PMI membership is indeed worth it. It is a great investment if you want to take your career to the next level. There’s a massive value that you can get from it, from members-only services and discounts, complementary and exclusive publications, upskilling opportunities to workshops and volunteer opportunities. 

PMI membership has everything that you need to fast-track your career. So, just go and get the PMI membership without delay to become the next legend in the project management industry. 

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