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5 Ways Infallible IVR System Helps to Deliver Unprecedented Customer Service

IVR system is one of the best call center technologies that enable customers to experience automated support service. IVR system helps customers to get unrivaled solutions without going through much hassle. 

Even, the IVR system helps to dwindle the number of calls during peak hours by providing one-stop resolutions to those customers who aren’t seeking a human response. To put it briefly, a reliable IVR system acts as helping hand for every call center India when it comes to rendering inimitable customer service during support interactions.

Are you handling customers’ queries on your own and struggling to live up to expectations? It’s time to bring a reliable IVR system into customer service operations. Here are the 5 benefits you gain by using the IVR system to cope with customer needs, so have a look:

Efficient call routing       

As revealed by the latest industry reports, 60% of customers place a call when they need help with regards to product-related issues. This tells a mound of customer calls is what companies have to deal with on a regular basis. Providing quality resolutions gets tougher when the call volume soars, no matter how many resources you have at your disposal.

Plus, it is imperative to ensure that every customer call is being connected to the right department, otherwise, CES (customer effort score) will increase. This, as a negative repercussion, will trigger negative WOM that is not good for brand equity, of course. 

This is where the value of the IVR system multiplies because it promises efficient call routing, which, in turn, guarantees splendid customer experience and better management of queries.

All in all, proper call routing is crucial if there’s a wish to handle customer calls perfectly. That’s the main reason why call centers in India endeavor to maintain the reliability of their IVR system.

Significant time savings during peak hours        

Handling customer calls during the busiest times of the day has never been easy because each customer wants a quick response and satisfactory resolution after placing a call. In case a customer call goes unanswered, it has a negative impact on business productivity. This is so because customers will think your brand is betraying them, which consequently, leads to dwindled brand loyalty.

At this juncture, an IVR system can act as a timesaver for both parties (support agents and customers). This system enables customers to resolve basic or trivial issues as they just have to follow the set of simple instructions. Consequently, this cuts the need of having a word with a customer service agent.

On the other hand, service agents will get less customers in a call queue, which uplifts the odds of rendering phenomenal support service.

Amplifies brand accessibility, even when agents aren’t available           

It is understandable that making a call on running customer service operations round-the-clock is quite difficult for SMEs, as they have to spend every money in a way that helps in the pursuance of incredible business growth.

However, customer calls cannot be ignored as a trust in the brand will be lost. Needless to specify, when brand loyalty starts dwindling, the business is likely to fall like ninepins. So, the best way to increase brand accessibility is to use an IVR system. Through this system, customers can easily get all the information required to wipe out average issues, while ones seeking satisfactory resolutions to intricate snags will be informed when service agents are available to respond. This plays a pivotal role in maintaining the customer base.

So, if you are operating a business and willing to increase brand accessibility, bring a reliable IVR system in customer service operations. Or join forces with any recognized call center India.

Helps to get valuable customer feedback

For any company, customer feedback matters most as it sheds light on what is missing from current products and support services. The good practice says to ask feedback right after the call because customers usually don’t participate in surveys sent a few hours later as satisfactory resolutions are all matters to them.

Plus, agents cannot be allowed to ask for feedback during the final moment of support interaction as there is a high possibility that customers hesitate to talk about negative aspects of provided service. 

Here, an IVR system can help. How? If support agents request customers, after providing one-stop solutions, to participate in surveys powered by an IVR system, the latter may get ready and give honest opinions about the provided service.

It goes without saying, when you have clear information on expectations related to support, you can easily deliver inimitable customer service during interactions.  

This could be the prime reason why Indian call centers are taking the help of an IVR system to improve survey response rate.

Saves customers’ time with the call-back facility  

By and large, call volume increases during the day time as it is the most preferred period when customers make contact with a company regarding support. Due to the high footfall of customers, agents get too busy, which indirectly, results in long call queues.   

After waiting for 2 to 3 minutes, maximum customers start losing patience and get frustrated. Even, the major reason behind the high call abandonment rate is high hold time. To pre-empt such annoyance and save customers’ time, call centers in India add a callback option to their IVR menu. This sagacious move aids in keeping the CSAT score stable.

Thanks to callback alternative, customers can continue their paused work as they will hear from the company as soon as agents get free. Besides uplifting customer experience, this also leads to amazing brand equity.   

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