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3 Most Popular Granny Flat Floor Plans

In Australia, family life is undergoing a seismic shake-up. Until a few decades ago, a household followed the nuclear family model having a couple and their children who left home in the late teens. Volatile property markets made this model unsustainable for many with children lingering under parents’ roofs into adulthood and parents living longer. Many architects responded creatively to the requirement for alternatives, and as a result, the granny flats went seriously upscale. Granny Flat Solutions with excellent granny flat floor plans, is the right choice if you want to get a granny flat constructed for yourself. 

1. Floor Plan 

The floor plan is nothing but an architectural depiction of the home’s layout. It is drawn to scale and present a view of the house from the top providing the viewers a better idea of the connections between spaces, the traffic pattern dimensions through the home and other features. It shows the placing of furniture appliances and other elements that are arranged within each room. Floor plan samples for 2 storey houses have drawings for each level of the house, a two storey house will have separate plans for the ground floor and the first floor. 

During the process of building a house not like buying an existing house or apartment where one can view and inspect the property, the floor plan is important as it presents or shows a visual perspective of how the house will look after it is completely constructed. 

2. The 3d Floor Plan 

Earlier house plan drawings were two dimensional, showing a flat view from the top showing the layout of the house. Nowadays with advancement of Technology especially the quality of floor plan rendering software, architects create 3D plans which are easy for the homeowners to comprehend.

 House plan drawing needs specific skills and knowledge of architectural design so it is best to leave it to the professionals. The purpose of drawing a floor plan is to give the homeowner the idea of how the area will be utilized. Based on a visual representation of the layout of the house and each room within, the homeowner can request additions or changes of the features that he may need in a room. 

3. Granny Flat Designs 

Granny flats have one, two, three, and four-bedroom flats designed to suit any block or budget. The designer range offers the same premium service and a faster turn around, with no risk to the integrity of the overall build. Granny flats having any number of bedrooms have the facility of one bathroom or two bathrooms available in each plan.

Benefits Of Floor Plans

  • Floor plans help turn ideas into visuals
  • Floor plans serve as the foundation of blueprints
  • Floor plans serve as a guide during the process of construction
  • Based on the floor plan the materials for the house can be chosen
  • With the guidance of floor plans, you can choose the right furniture
  • Floor plans help to communicate with the interior designer
  • Floor plans help with real estate sales. 

So floor plans are intended primarily for ensuring that the construction doesn’t deviate from the blueprint for which the approval has been sanctioned. It helps interior designers in getting a clear idea of the interiors of the house so that they can make recommendations on the theme and the materials that are ideal for the home.

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