10 Best Ideas for Dog Training

To train your puppy is an art. The trained pooch adds charm to the life of the pet owner. Whether you prefer to teach your four-legged friend under the guidance of the expert or you prepare your dear pet, keep one thing in mind that quality time, adequate patience, positive reinforcement, and vigilance is required to qualify the pooch.

It will be great that if you work on his training from the beginning so that he develops his habits accordingly without any mess.

In this article, I will make you acquainted with the ideas of dog training so that your faithful friend adopts effective practices. Let’s move on to explore the same which will make the life of yours and your pet secure, comfortable and pleasurable.

Best Ideas for Dog Training

  1. Home-based training- The moment your pooch gets into your house you should start working on his training. Make him familiar with the surroundings of the home and set a routine for him. Every day feed him at the prescribed time, allow him spaced walk on a regular basis along with outside potty breaks which in turn helps in developing the habit to behave in a disciplined manner and as per schedule. Check out the dog aggression training melbourne for interesting details on dog training.
  2. Come on calling- Teach your pooch to ‘come’ on call. You must have kept some sweet name of your pet. If you want to call him, you can ask him to come by making use of his name. On following your commands, you should offer him positive reinforcement. With time your pet will develop the habit of coming from far distances too whenever you call him.
  3. Allow him to sit and stand – Like ‘come’ command you can make use of ‘sit and stand’ instruction to make him learn both the positions. When he positively follows your command, then you should offer him some treats to motivate him. Slowly and gradually your pet will learn when to sit and stand.
  4. Reaction on jump up- On greeting, the doggies jump up due to the excitement. The best way to deal with the situation is to ignore it rather than scolding him. Whenever you find him in jumping position, then don’t commit a mistake of praising him, just pay no attention.
  5. Check him from biting or nipping- At whatever time you see your pet biting, you should actively pretend that you are in high pain on his action. No need to scold him. Maybe he will stop continuing this habit. If you observe that your pet is getting restless, then you can arrange to chew toys for your beloved pet.
  6. Avoid punishments- When your pooch conducts any inappropriate behavior then in return you should never punish him in return. Handle patiently and calmly.
  7. Motivate his excellent behavior- Make use of positive reinforcement when your canine shows good behavior. Reward him with treats, toys, praise and lots of love. All these habits will help him in motivating the desirable behavior.
  8. Together with me- Inculcate the habit in your pet of remaining with you while you go for a walk with him. For this, you can use the command – ‘with me’ In this way your pet will learn to walk with you at a pace and in a comfortable manner.
  9. The emergency recall- Instill the artful practice in your pet that in the time of emergency when he is asked to come then he should get the quick response to the situation. The emergency situation can be a car moving in the front of your beloved pooch. To save the precious life of your faithful friend you can make use of emergency recall. It will take time to develop this habit.
  10. Private den and crate training- Allow your pooch to make use of his den as your pooch also needs some private place to stay peacefully. He will find comfort and safety in his den which is free from any disturbance. Teach him about the usage of the crate so that he can independently manage his daily activities properly.

Enjoy the company of your pet.

In this article, I have discussed the ten essential points on which you can work on to train your doggie. No doubt all are the ten most excellent ideas for in-home puppy training. There are lots of other areas like playing, exercise, eating habits, socialization, behavior towards outsiders and guests and much more which your pooch should get accustomed. All the areas play an essential role in the life of your pet.

The ten primary points mentioned above will make the life your pet systematic and stress –free. Not only your pet will enjoy his stay, but as an owner or caretaker, you will also feel gratified if your lovely canine settles with you as a family member. Remember one thing that your training sessions should always end on a positive note so that your pet shows enthusiasm and excitement in a healthy way.

The keynote for successful training outcomes is that you should be consistent, enduring, peaceful and calm towards the activities of your pet. Be positive and never lose patience if your pet takes time in adapting something in expected or said manner. With time and efforts, you and your pet can develop a high bond which will grant happiness to the pet and his owner.

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