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You can now play the lottery online in India

play the lottery online in India

Did you know that you can now play lottery online in India? The Supreme Court of India granted the right to legalize or illegalize the sale of lotteries to individual states. This decision led to the banning of lotteries in most states leaving only 13 states that allow playing of lotteries. In this post, you’ll learn all you need to know about playing the lottery online in India.

Accessing the Lottery Online

For you to play lottery online, you must be able to access it. Listed below are the ways through which you can access lottery online.

  1. Mobile Applications/ Apps– By downloading lottery apps on to your mobile devices, you can play anytime anywhere provided, you have mobile data or stable Wi-Fi access. You can also use mobile apps on the go.
  2. Desktops– Using desktops and laptops, you can access lotteries online with a lot of ease by searching and visiting websites through google. Also, if you need total concentration while selecting your ticket numbers, desktops are the better option. You’ll also need a stable internet connection.

How to Play Lottery Online

For you to play lottery online, there are a few steps that you must go through. They include: –

  • Find a Suitable Legal Website– Bearing in mind that there are a lot of scam lottery websites online, use google to find the site that most suits your lottery needs and preferences. Make sure your website of choice is authentic by confirming its license number. It should also have terms and conditions governing it. For example, you can play the lottery online at Lotto land Asia which provides you with international lotteries that can be played from anywhere in the world.
  • Create an Account– For you to play lottery online, you must have an individual account created using your details, that way, you’re able to log in whenever you need to play.
  • Deposit Money into Your Account– To successfully purchase a lottery ticket online, you must have some money deposited in your account. You can deposit the funds using your credit card or e-wallet options such as Skrill and PayPal, among others.
  • Select your Ticket Numbers– At this point, you can now choose your ticket numbers and enter the draw by paying for your ticket.
  • Check the Results– Once the draw is done, you can check the results to see if your ticket won.
  • Get your Prize– If it’s confirmed that you have won the lottery, your winnings will be sent directly into your online account. You can withdraw the money or leave it in your online account to pay for future tickets.

How to Withdraw Money After an Online Lottery Win

After confirming that you are a winner and would like to withdraw your money, you can link your online account to your bank account or e-wallet account. After a successful withdrawal, your payment will be taxed based on the Indian taxation laws.

 Why Play the Lottery Online

Below are Four Reasons Why Playing Lotteries Online is a Good Option

  1. It’s Time Saving– Playing the lottery online takes less time compared to going to physical lottery locations to play and buy tickets. Also, you don’t have to queue, hence saving you time that you would have otherwise wasted waiting for your turn in a ticketing shop.
  2. Ticket Safety– When playing lottery online, you don’t have to worry about losing your ticket as its safety is in your online account.
  3. Automatic Notifications– If after the draw is done your ticket wins, you’ll automatically receive a notification either via SMS or email.
  4. Easy Account Accessibility– When playing the lottery online, you can easily access your account from anywhere at whatever time.

Final Word

If you would like to play the lottery online in India, carry out enough research to avoid being scammed. Otherwise, stay safe while playing online and have fun.

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