How to write a compelling blog post – Rules and quick tips

Here a simple situation, you have found a suitable topic for writing a blog post, found colorful images for decorating the articles, but you do not know where to start. How to write the right article that will appeal to your readers?

There are few simple rules for writing good articles for your blog or website or also for some personal use like article directories, sharing articles, etc. Here I am describing 7 simple rules to write a compelling blog post. Your readers will appreciate your work if you follow the instructions precisely.

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Seven simple rules to writing a compelling blog post

Rule 1: Come up with a catchy/informative title.

Do your research and create colorful, catchy headlines, but do not forget about the informativeness. Your headlines should carry meaning, to reveal the idea, which is described in the article. Think about it, when you search anything in GOOGLE you are only interested in compelling topics. Yes! That’s right, now you have to create the right informative header for example: “How to write a compelling blog post” is the suitable title of this post of mine.

Rule 2: Starting the article.

How do I start to write an article. This is a common question by many new writers basically. At the beginning of every article you have to give the user an brief idea of ​​what is inside the article, we can say that the beginning of the article can force the user to read the whole article.

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So to start the article – Create the beginning of the article. Think of the questions that you should disclose in the starting of the post. A question like, What is the article about? What the user will receive from reading? What are future involvements?

Of course, you can not adhere to the “answers to the questions,”. Try to lure the user so that after reading the post, user is pleased with the information that you have provided.

Rule 3: Point out the main points of your article.

In order to write something sensible, you need to make notes (thesis) that you can describe. For example, this article about Writing a compelling blog post, here I have made a total seven step by step points, which are discussed in details. Make notes, it will help you in writing a perfect article and give you support. Always remember– Do not divert away from the title (article topic).

Rule 4: Article development, fill the frame.

After writing down the main points of your article move on to the fourth step, here you have to fill your frames. Each thesis or points you made, reflect the meaning of those points in details. It’s like describing the abstract. So whatever you know and researched just write down in a very detailed manner.

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Rule 5: Conclusion – Making the conclusion of the article.

The output is the thing the user is looking for in the post so it is the best way to describe the output of the article for which you have brought the user. Here you can make judgments and concisely describe the problem and the fact that you want to message to the reader. You can simply write a paragraph or if possible describe two to three sufficient points to conclude the post-ending.

Rule 6: Cut the best, or do accurately.

Making high-quality content is what everyone wants. So now you need to read the whole post again and cut out only the best parts. We do not need a whole mountain of text, you just need a post that is enough to give the basic idea that could be helpful to your readers. Try to describe articles in an interesting way giving off the idea and essence of the post. Remove the excess text, get rid of the unwanted proposals which do not carry the semantic load. Read the article again and repeat the above steps again until you are satisfied enough.

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Rule 7: Adorn article.

In order to interest the reader, you can add images, banners, quotes, but do not overdo it, be minimalists. Make sure the article is useful and after following all the above rules, just post the article.

Now you have a unique formula for writing good articles. Enjoy and do not forget to like and share it on social networks. If you have anything to add, please write in the comment section.

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