WordPress Free Themes: Is It Right for Your Next Project?

Finding free Website themes after you have installed your WordPress website is easy. There are numerous places one can find free themes online that will fit one’s website. A great pro of making use of the WordPress theme directory to get a theme is that the website themes there are under the strict review.

It usually begins with an automated WordPress plugin that gets to vet the website theme using the WordPress’ strict coding standards.
When approved, the theme submitted is usually reviewed manually by theme developers working in WordPress. Once two steps of the standard have been passed properly, the theme can then be accessed by the public on the official WordPress theme directory.

Free WordPress themes Pros

Using free themes is great for new owners of websites, and great when one wants to experiment or make changes regularly.

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Some WordPress premium themes usually need payment and are not affordable. Many WordPress themes sellers usually do not accept returns, which means that if you don’t fancy the theme that you procured, or doesn’t meet your needs, you are stuck with it.

Usually, free website themes have minimalistic designs and do not have quite a number of premium widgets and features. Free themes are normally designed for beginners and are quite easily used. You don’t have to get a degree in software engineering before you use the free WordPress theme.

The options that one can use in the official WordPress theme directory are usually approved after going through several processes, meaning that they can be used by beginners and not be scared of it.

Free WordPress Themes: Cons

There is nothing like a free meal in Freetown. The free website themes may have some limitations based on the one you opt for.

  • A free theme usually has limited features that can be used on the website, and may not come with additional functionality. Professional websites can’t make use of most free website themes.
  • Some free WordPress themes get a lot of downloads running into millions, which means they are not as unique as premium themes. 
  • Since a lot of people can easily download it without needing to pay, many websites will have similar themes.
  • A lot of free themes do not come with customization options, meaning that you won’t be able to customize it as much as premium themes.
  • Very few free themes are ever updated, which means that they may not be compatible with WordPress CMS’ frequent version updates.
  • Free themes usually do not come with support, where you can ask for help. WordPress, sometimes, can’t trace the theme developer because there are a lot of contributors to it.
  • Theme Planet, the home, of numerous premium website templates and themes, allows your website to be tailor made to your needs.

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