Winning Content Marketing Strategies That You Won’t like to Miss

Content marketing strategies have always been created, revised and modified repetitively. But, have you ever thought why your content marketing strategy needs a day-to-day modification? Why your business is still having a hard time to maintain and leverage the robust content strategy?

Let me tell you this is not the case with you just!
Almost every second content marketer or content marketing agency goes through this phase.

Despite of all the content marketing information available after every 0.02 seconds on the internet world, there are some abysmal failures that every content strategist has to pass through their pace. One of the best ways to deal with it is to learn from others’ failures. The best way to do so is to give a kick off to the content marketers who have brought effective strategies to a winning conclusion.

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Let’s roll on together towards various content marketing examples of today from Seo company Boston MA, a professional content marketing agency. These all proven examples will give you an unbeaten outcome if implemented smartly.

# 1- Automatic Data Processing – Bottom of the Funnel Content

People go through different stages from the research of products to final purchase making the decision. This phased manner is divided into three categories.

Top of the Funnel:
This is the awareness stage where a person faces problems and look for the solutions.

Middle of the Funnel: In this category, the person is close to the solution by going through the content ranked on Google for their search query. After some research, their queries will become specific and they are in the moment of becoming your potential leads.

Bottom of the Funnel:
At this stage of the buyer’s journey he is ready to make a purchase. He might go through your content once again and your competitors to give a phone call.

Therefore, you must make sure that your content is good marketing copy that does not feel like a sleazy sales pitch but a cozy conversation with your readers in the top and bottom of the funnel.

Let’s give you a real-time example of ADP (Automatic Data Processing) firm that provides software and services to help business with HR and payroll management. Now what they did is that they created a campaign where they targeted prospects of top and bottom funnel. Along with that information, they also gave estimates on how much companies reading out their information could save by using their solutions. And you will be astonished by the $1 million new sales in just three months.

#2- Malaysia Life- Branding Through Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the shaky content marketing stratagems that will increase the audience number by manifolds. This type of approach can be used for boring topics like blockchain, life insurance, or agriculture. Well, these are not really boring topics if you bring in some creativity of storytelling. You can do emotional targeting with interesting stories without muddling messages.

You can opt short video storytelling to connect with people through voice. If we take an example of Malaysia Life insurance, they also did the same. They generated brand exposure to the targeted audience by striking out love emotions of family and their love ones.

As a result, in comparison to sharing 2000 words blog with their audience, they accumulated more than 100M views. Now, that’s called a sharp mind SEO content marketing. The marketing where they got ranked on their relevance to the search engine user with specific keywords phrases, website optimization, and content for the google search ranking, got more online visibility. Hence, we conclude that creating an engaging video where there is some interesting story can help you win among other competitors in your business niche.

# 3- Orbit Media- Boosting SEO Through Content

An effective website content strategy helps you to use the content for boosting the SEO results. According to the recent study, companies on average who do regular blogging for content marketing receive 97 % more links than those who don’t do this. These are the inbound links that not only boost the rankings for blog articles but also increase the overall domain authority of the website.

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Orbit media is one of the live examples of this content marketing strategy succession. This firm provides web design services and later grew into 7 service provider figure including content writing services and content marketing. It has over 220,000 backlinks from over 5,000 unique domains. isn’t it amazing? That is how much SEO benefits for website one can generate by a solid SEO strategy. Continuing with this much high volume of inbound links, you can also create the content of your own.

# 4- HubSpot- Branding Through Content Creation

Well, recent HubSpot studies have clearly shown that 400 blogs posts get 3X more leads than simply publishing of 100 blog posts. Moreover, the companies that stay updated with almost 16-20 blog posts each month get 5X more leads than usual 3-4 blog posts on a monthly basis.

Being said that, more content allows websites to accumulate more search traffic each month by showing up for long tail search queries. When the visitor starts viewing the same website for different relevant search queries, they start to remember the company name. Hence, once you are in their long-term memory, you are remembered as a brand. Visitors will start following your content.

# 5- Groove- Relationship Building Through Guest Posting

It has been observed that startup businesses don’t have enough content marketing budget. May be your business is also one of those examples. Nevertheless, you have GrooveHQ as an example for you where it set over $5 million/year in consecutive 3 years. The strategy was built on the great content creation, sharing it with broader reach influencers to forward share with their followers.

They used to build long-lasting relationships with influencers rather than approaching them to ask for just content sharing. As a result, they received 80 % positive replies from the influencers with having 1,000 subscribers in 24 hours that grew to over 5,000 within a single month. This happened due to their focused approach that was associated with successful content marketers.

If we simply put these all winsome examples in front of us, we will learn that successful content marketers are a great influence and inspiration of your own content marketing plan. If you would like to have some help for professional content writing services and content marketing, then contact brilliant content marketers to create awesome cornerstone content for you. You don’t need to come up with ideas etc. They will do all on your behalf whether it’s interesting storytelling, writing a dazzling article, proofreading the blog, publishing the final version or sharing it on various platforms.

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