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No matter if you run an eCommerce business selling clothes, or a software company creating applications. You already know you’re up against hundreds of competitors, most of which are a dime a dozen. With nothing spectacularly new to offer and nothing really game-changing in the pipeline. Here you will learn how to win customers back, build a stable customer base, and Social Media Marketing Ideas.

What makes them competitive is their devotion to certain aspects of their day-to-day operations that can boost loyalty and increase brand awareness. From customer service, exceeding customer expectations. All the way to constantly improving communications, brands that stand the test of time invest in customer retention every step of the way.

A steady influx of new clients might be a more appealing way to grow your business. But understanding how to keep your customers committed to your brand and in love with your offers will open the doors to many other opportunities. You’ll inspire them to be your brand ambassadors, they’ll be your word of mouth for their family and friends. Their experience will grow your reputation in the eyes of future customers. In essence, it does pay to create a strategy to ensure a stable customer base of happy, loyal people – and here are a few ways you can achieve just that.

How to Win customers back

Listen to the social buzz

Facebook is a great place to kick-start a contest for your customers, while Instagram is a wonderful platform for your most loyal users to tag you in a photo using your product or service. Twitter is a well of conversation-starters just waiting for you to create a viral story out of a single quote. Pinterest is ideal for DIY projects and people creative at heart, while LinkedIn is still every professional’s hotspot for digital networking and posting meaningful articles for likeminded experts to read.

All in all, social networks are assets every brand should use for building that loyal customer base. However, you might be missing out on a key ingredient in your social strategy – social listening. By using a variety of monitoring and reporting tools, you can find out how your brand is perceived online, in what contexts your brand name appears, and what you can do to resolve customer issues. While generating your own campaigns is always necessary, be openminded enough to listen to what your customers have to say outside of the conversations you start on your own.

Tap into your feedback potential

You’ve likely asked for feedback before. You post it on your website, you publish it on social media, and you appreciate the reviews your customers post on Google, as well. Search engines in general love that kind of content, as it further proves your value in the eyes of your consumer. But customer engagement can and should be so much more than an SEO tool, or a reputation-enhancing one.

Whenever you ask for comment after purchase, for example, for each user to point out any flaws in the check-out process, delivery delays, or anything pertaining to the product itself, you get a chance to make your brand better. After you collect your customers’ feedback, make sure you act on their suggestions, make changes, and then notify them when you do that. Crediting them for the innovation they’ve suggested puts your brand in their hands and makes them feel like a meaningful part of your brand’s journey.

Treat your customers occasionally

We all like to feel special and valued. That’s why we love celebrating those special moments, why we love getting gifts, birthday cards, and various tokens of appreciation that turn an ordinary moment into a memorable one. When you’d like to boost loyalty among your customer ranks, one of the simplest ways to do that is to surprise them with a simple, useful gift as an addition to their order, or a special birthday surprise. 

For starters, use high-quality business printing services to create unique, branded promotional items to send and give out to your customers. It can be a brand-new calendar that depicts their favorite animals, a birthday card with your hand-written note, or a personalized coupon for their very next purchase. Such small gestures can mean a world to customers who predominantly make digital purchases since it’s becoming a greater challenge for brands to connect with their audience offline when they mostly do business online. Sending such gifts is a great way to add a personal touch to those interactions and make sure that there’s an emotional basis for your future customer-brand bond.

Emphasize your purpose and win customers back

Your customers can either be just a number on a receipt, or they can feel like a part of something relevant, such as your brand’s purpose. Do you know how Dove strives to improve women’s self-esteem with every campaign and every product they launch? Or how The Body Shop does everything in its power to ensure sustainability? Brands don’t get loyalty anymore merely from selling well-wrapped goods. They do so by going that extra mile in every possible way.

Your customers have the option to go to other brands, perhaps more affordable ones, or those with a more convenient store, closer to their home. To entice them to stay loyal to your brand, you need to communicate your purpose through your website copy. Your social media campaigns, your many initiatives, and all your efforts that add to that common goal, whatever it may be.

If your business uses only renewable energy, or you’re partnered up with a charity and a percentage of your profit goes to said organizations, let them know. That way, your customers are the ones that get to make a difference through your brand every time they purchase or promote it.

From promotion to branding, loyalty takes time and creativity, as well as patience. Use these tips as the foundation for your strategies. You’ll increase your chances of building a stable customer base, one that will not crumble every time a new player conquers your market. But that will allow you to keep growing your reputation one day at a time.

Social Media Marketing Ideas to build a stable customer base

Most popular social media campaigns featured on Facebook and Instagram show businesses from the fashion and food industries. However, you can also use the same digital marketing strategies for your construction company. Creating official social media profiles for your firm can bring you closer to your customers and you can win customers back. Prove to them that you have so much more to offer as a contractor.

In choosing what digital marketing strategy to employ for your campaign, it’s important to tie your tactics to actual goals you want your company to achieve. Online resources such as webmarketing123 top reviews provide great insight into how to use digital marketing techniques to your advantage. Here are some social media marketing ideas that you can use for your construction company:

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1. Share Regular Updates on Projects

Posting updates on the buildings you’re constructing will provide your company with an interesting Instagram feed. Upload photos of the progress that your team is making each day. Your transparency with your projects will show potential customers that you are confident with your work. Of course, always ask for permission from your clients as they may have some reservations with their establishment being posted online.

2. Let Employees Take Over

Influencer takeovers are a trend on Instagram right now. They post photos, videos, and stories on behalf of the company for a fee or other privileges. However, instead of paying social media influencers, make it a little more personal by asking your employees to do it. Let them share what it’s like to work in the field for a day. This gives your followers a glimpse of how your firm operates.

3. Host a Contest

Organizing a contest or raffle on social media is one of the most effortless ways to achieve your goals faster. You may have already come across a post that urges subscribers to follow a particular account and tag their friends to get a chance to win a prize. These are some of the benefits of hosting a contest on Facebook or Instagram:

  • Increases subscribers – It’s a great way to boost brand awareness since your followers are the ones who are encouraging their friends to follow your account. 
  • Acquires more leads – You can collect rich data through contests by having people sign up using their email addresses. You can use this information to send them newsletters.
  • Increases engagement – Because many people are able to view your content. The chances that they will like, comment and share your posts also increase.
  • Improves sales – You can also offer big discounts to people who’ll win your contest. This way, you have sure buyers since they’ll be taking advantage of your exclusive deals.

Hosting a contest on Facebook or Instagram is an effective strategy because the mechanics are flexible and can be customized according to your needs. Plus, the people who will be joining your contest are already interested in your products and services. So it’s easier to convince them to buy.

4. Shout Out to Suppliers

Aside from your customers, you should also show some love to your subcontractors and manufacturers. Post a picture of the people you’re working with. Trustworthy partnerships can strengthen your reputation and that of your subcontractors. By tagging your suppliers, you also promote your business to their followers. Which increases the likelihood that they’ll subscribe to you, too.

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5. Provide Industry Insight

An excellent way to establish yourself as an expert in your industry and to win customers back. is to share tips with your followers. Use relevant graphics and imagery that will prove to your subscribers that you know what you’re doing. Prove your proficiency by sharing tips and DIY ideas; behind-the-scenes videos are especially useful in increasing engagement with your brand.

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6. Share Personal Photos

While your social media profile is not the place to post thousands of selfies. It also shouldn’t just be purely about buildings and construction. Share pictures of your company’s Christmas party or bring-your-kid-to-work day. This humanizes your brand and shows that your company is a place that values its relationship with its employees.

The conclusion to Win customers back

Win potential customers back over with an excellent social media marketing campaign. Aside from gaining more followers and increasing brand awareness, you also show that you are willing to engage with them. Listen to their concerns about your products and services, which will lead to a surge in customer satisfaction.

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