Why you should implement a PWA in your business

Throughout these posts dedicated to delving into progressive web applications we have analysed their advantages and we have met some of the companies that have already implemented them successfully.

As we have also mentioned, PWAs are not only beneficial for large companies. SMEs can improve their conversion, loyalty and engagement rates thanks to the advantages of these applications that combine the best of web applications and native applications.

If you are still not sure, here we list the reasons why you should implement a PWA in your business.

1. Greater visibility for your business

With a PWA you can increase the visibility of your business , SEO , since the application can be found using search engines. This feature is doubly interesting since search engines can index and position it.

2. Shorter development time

Programming a PWA is similar to that of a web page, simpler and faster than that of a native app . Native applications have to be developed separately for each operating system, which increases development time.

3. Lower cost

This aspect is directly related to the previous point. By requiring less development time and not having to design an app for Android and another for iOS , its cost is lower than that of a native app.

4. Greater interaction

Using push notifications allows you to send messages to users, thus increasing the brand’s interaction with its current and potential customers. Access to geolocation , camera, microphone and location offers great possibilities to web app development company , which improve their level of engagement with their target audience.

5. Better user experience

The content is accessible without installation and offline . This makes them more accessible in any circumstance and without taking up space or resources on your mobile.

Its loading and response speed is much higher , even with poor or no Internet connection. Plus, they can be used on any device, mobile or desktop , with just a shortcut on the home screen.

Thanks to these features and its simple and intuitive navigation, the user experience is improved compared to other types of app.

6. More accessible and safe

The fact that they are not linked to the operating system and behave like web applications increases potential customers without worrying about the platform or positioning in the application stores.

In addition, they use secure browsing protocols (https) and can be shared as a link very easily, Progressive Web Apps improve the online presence and corporate image of brands.

As you can see, there are many advantages of PWAs , so it is not unusual for both small businesses and major brands to have implemented them as part of their digital strategy.

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Sathish is  a seasoned web application developer with over a decade of experience in crafting innovative and user-centred digital solutions. With a deep passion for coding and a keen eye for design,and successfully delivered a wide range of dynamic and responsive web app development company  that have transformed businesses across industries.

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