Why You Should Consider The Hand Sanitizer Business

Due to the global pandemic affecting the entire world, there is a very high increase in demand for hand sanitizers as using the alcohol-based solution has proven to kill the germs that cause the virus instantly. Due to the laws of demand and supply, it is important that supply also meets demand or tries to meet it and so rises the number of business owners that decide to use hand sanitizer for business.

Starting a hand sanitizer business is highly profitable because the gap between demand for hand sanitizers and its supply is yet to be filled. Not only is this business enterprise highly profitable but also it is quite easy to start up since laboratories are not needed for the preparation of this chemical compound. Other equipment that requires huge investments such as heaters, coolers, etc. can also be discarded as they are not needed also.

WHO Guidelines

Using the World Health Organization(WHO)’s guidelines, hand sanitizers are easy to produce and then supply to the market and make profits. These guidelines involve ensuring the alcohol content is higher than 90% to make sure it can kill the required germs. Also, the water that is used to mix the alcohol has to be distilled. The glycerin used should also be pure. It is important that these ingredients are to be bought from trusted medical stores to be sure of their validity.

To make these hand sanitizers, the ingredients are rubbing alcohol, aloe vera gel, and essential oils. These ingredients should be mixed together. It is important to add ingredients like essential oils and aloe vera because alcohol breaks down the skin and essential oils repair the skin and add moisture. There should be a 2:1 proportion of alcohol and aloe vera to even out the damaging and repairing properties of those two ingredients. 

Safety precautions before preparing hand sanitizers

There are some safety precautions that must be observed while preparing hand sanitizers. The first which is the most obvious and the most important is that before starting to make the hand sanitizers, it is important to wash hands thoroughly. All the other equipment which will be used for the process must also be washed and dried properly. It is also important that the place is used to prepare the sanitizer must be clean. Also, whoever is making the mixture must not come in physical contact until the mix is fully ready. There must not be any smoking or any kind of flame where the hand sanitizer is made or stored.

Hand sanitizers can be sold to homes, pharmacies, schools, laboratories, medicine shops, government offices, markets, shops etc.


When starting a new business, there are some things the business owner has to take into consideration. These things will ensure the smooth running of the business. It is most profitable if a business is started with a minimal amount of people. This is to reduce the amount of money expended to pay salaries. This is necessary because the business is just starting out and so expenses shouldn’t be too much for the business to thrive and stay around for a long time.

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