Why To Buy a Leather Strap For Camera?

Becoming a good photographer requires many skills, a good camera, and the proper gears to go along with it. Ask any good photographer, and they will vouch for this- a nice camera deserves equally nice camera straps! With a good quality camera comes the responsibility of keeping it safe and secure and carrying it with ease and comfort. 

So investing in a good quality camera strap is something that you will never regret. Camera straps are made of many different materials like nylon, cotton, paracord, neoprene, but the most superior is the leather camera straps. These are a class apart, it looks stylish, durable, and most importantly they are super comfortable. 

While there are many for you to choose from, HoldFast Gear – a dual camera harness is a truly amazing choice. Whether you just got a new camera and want a leather camera to match, or you want to upgrade your already existing camera strap, here are some of the reasons why you should opt for a leather strap for your camera.

  • Comfortability – The primary factor in getting a new leather camera strap is making long periods of carrying your camera more comfortable and easier on your body. People never really think of a camera strap because people don’t really need a high-end camera strap to become a pro photographer.

But once a person is used to carrying a basic camera strap hanging on one side of their shoulder, that’s when the problem arises. These basic straps make people start getting mysterious sore necks and are compelled to visit chiropractors. Hence, an authentic leather strap is highly recommended to stay comfortable.

You need to think about the weight and size of the camera you have to get the best level of comfort in your strap. And not to forget is the ability to attach and remove your strap effortlessly. Threading a new camera strap can be a fuss, so selecting a strap with a simple but safe attachment system is a must.       

  • Durability- The pioneer camera manufacturers have long held to the theory that camera bodies should be durable enough to last a lifetime. Some great classic SLR cameras and vintage lenses are still doing the rounds today.

Having a high-budget camera and not having a durable leather strap doesn’t match the personality. There is no point in buying cheap camera straps that lack durability. At the end of the day, it’s a waste of money. Rather spend money on varieties of durable leather straps. 

Moreover, the 21st-century cameras consist of alloy monocoque bodies machined from materials like magnesium. As a result, a leather camera strap that has a lifetime warranty is highly recommendable. Keep in mind the term ‘buy once, buy right.’

  • Style statement – Imagine you attending a camera club meeting where your camera resembles almost everyone. In that case, no one will notice your kit as you are just like every other normal person in that room. Basically, you are not stealing the show because there is nothing much you can do to change the appearance of your camera. But with a rugged leather camera strap, you will surely be stealing the show, and your camera will get all the envious glances it deserves.

There is no denying that a leather strap is not only effective in its job but is extremely easy on the eyes! Moreover, if you are fashion-conscious, your camera strap can highlight your style and personal branding. You could be a trendsetter, and people will start turning their heads as you enter a room with your stunning leather camera strap.

  • Luxurious look-  There is something about leather that makes it look instantly luxurious and expensive. While most of the time it probably is, at other times, you can get a faux leather camera strap that gives off a similar look without the hefty price tag. 

While the camera that a photographer carries is potentially already expensive, a simple nylon strap might not do it as much justice as a leather strap would. Most of the time, it is a matter of taste, but we can’t deny that swapping the straps that come in the box with the leather ones will instantly upgrade the look!

A photographer generally has a demanding job that requires them to be on the move constantly. They might have to move from one location to another for photo shoots and get into awkward angles to get the perfect shot. A good quality leather strap for a camera will not only express the photographer’s individuality and distinct taste, but it will also allow him to go long hours at work without much discomfort.

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