Why Text-Based Subscriptions Matter For Content Creators

As a content creator, whether you’re creating video content, blog posts, or podcasts, you know that it’s essential to find ways to monetize your work. Why? Because it allows you to continue doing what you love and makes it possible for you to support yourself (and maybe even your family) financially.

And one of the best ways to do this is by creating text-based subscriptions for your readers. By allowing readers to subscribe to your high-quality content via SMS messaging, you can charge them a small monthly fee for access to your content. It’s a great way to support yourself financially while also producing the content that your readers love via a more streamlined content creation process.

If you’re not convinced, below are five reasons text-based subscriptions are a great idea for content creators aside from making money out of your content.

Create a closer connection with SMS marketing

First and foremost, text-based subscriptions allow you to create a closer connection with your readers. When someone subscribes to your content via SMS, they’re giving you their phone number, which means they’re also giving you a way to connect with them on a more personal level.

And that’s not something you can do with email marketing or any other type of marketing, for that matter. Why? Because with an SMS marketing campaign, you can reach your subscribers anywhere, anytime. No matter where they are or what they’re doing, you can always send them quick SMS messages and get in touch.

Plus, since most people have their phones on them at all times, chances are they’ll see your text messages right away – which is something you can’t say for email or social media platforms.

So, you can use the best SMS content creator tools like Subflow to send messages about new content or even to check in and see how they’re doing in just a few seconds. This personal connection can go a long way in building a loyal audience that will continue to support you for years to come.

Make it easy for your readers to read your content and get customer feedback

Another reason why SMS subscriptions matter for content creators is because they make it easy for your readers to access your content. No need to remember a password or log in – all they need is their phone number.

That makes it convenient for your audience, which means they’re more likely to read the content you send them. And since they’re paying for it, they’ll be more likely to appreciate and value what you’ve created.

Imagine reaching your most dedicated fans with the push of a button – that’s the power of text-based subscriptions. Additionally, the convenience text messaging offers can’t be overstated.

It’s no wonder that so many content creators are now creating their own SMS marketing campaigns to reach their audiences. If you’re not already applying this to your content strategy, now is to start. Your readers will thank you for it.

Build an engaged audience through a powerful SMS content creation tool

Text-based subscriptions allow you to build an engaged audience that will stick around. Why? Because, as mentioned, when people pay for something, they’re more likely actually to use it and get their money’s worth.

Think of it this way: if someone paid $100 for a gym membership but only went twice, they’re likely to feel guilty and think, “I should go more often.” But, on the other hand, if they just signed up for a free trial at the gym, they’re probably not going to feel as bad about barely using it.

The same logic applies to content. When people pay for a subscription, they’re more likely to read the content and stick around. That’s great news for you as a content creator because you can build a loyal following of engaged readers.

And an engaged audience is a valuable audience that will continue to support you and your work for years to come.

Get paid what you’re worth

Another thing, text-based subscriptions allow you to get paid what you’re worth. When you charge for access to your content via SMS, you can set your price. That means you can charge what you think your content is worth – not just what a publisher is willing to pay.

It’s a great way to ensure that you’re getting paid what you deserve for the hard work in creating your content. Unlike other subscription forms, text-based subscriptions are a direct line between you and your audience. No middlemen are taking a cut of your earnings.

Reach a wider audience using SMS marketing platforms

Finally, text-based subscriptions allow you to reach a wider audience. By making your content accessible via SMS, you open it up to people who may not be able to access it otherwise. That means more people will be able to enjoy your content – and that’s always a good thing. Your marketing campaigns will also thank you; according to optinmonster.com, SMS has a 45% response rate.


Text-based subscriptions are a great way to connect with your readers deeper and make it easy for them to read your content. When you provide your readers with an easy way to subscribe, they’re more likely to stick around and become engaged members of your audience. And when you have an engaged audience, you can charge what you’re worth and reach a wider audience with your work. That’s the ultimate goal why content creators create content: to be read by as many people as possible.

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