Why should small businesses choose WordPress? 

Earlier were the days when you needed a web developer to handle every aspect of your website. And now, with the advancement of CMS, managing a website has become so painless. 

WordPress is one of the most favored website builders (CMS) that powers around 43% of the website market. It offers a simple drag-and-drop interface that lets you customize and manage your site easily. We have created this write-up to discuss the merits of using WordPress for small businesses.  

There are plenty of reasons for choosing WordPress as a website builder, and one is its simple and user-friendly interface. Even a non-tech person can easily create, customize and manage websites on WordPress easily without requiring a web developer. You are only required to get web hosting, choose a plan (cloud hosting, VPS, or dedicated server ) and pick a potent CMS. 

WordPress also gives full freedom to customise the website’s appearance as per our choice and brand’s need

Because of the availability of multiple plugins and themes, WordPress provides a plethora of customization and security possibilities. Using plugins, you can easily add new functionality to your site or enhance the existing ones, and you may alter the design of your site using the theme of your choice. This is one of the benefits of utilizing WordPress for both small and large businesses. 

So, these are only a couple of reasons for choosing WordPress for small businesses, and there are many more that we’ll cover in this write-up.  

Let’s dive into the benefits of using WordPress for small businesses. 

What are the reasons for using WordPress for small businesses? 

1.WordPress Is Free to Use 

WordPress is a completely free website builder. Yes, a valuable reason to start with. You can quickly Install WordPress free of cost and start creating any kind of website you dream of effortlessly. Initially, WordPress emerged as a blogging platform, but now it has immensely evolved, and you can design nearly every type of website with it. If you are on a budget or don’t want to invest a huge amount at the beginning of your journey, you can choose WordPress fearlessly. WordPress lets you create a responsive and beautiful website without demanding a single penny. Thus, WordPress can be a cost-effective solution for small businesses. 

2.WordPress- An Open-Source Platform 

WordPress is open-source website-building software, which means you can easily access its source code, study it or even modify it to add additional functionalities per your choice and need. This makes it the most favored platform for small businesses that need a flexible platform for their business. You can use it the way it is or enhance the functionality and appearance of your site. You may either hire a web developer for this or do it yourself if you are a coding expert. 

3.WordPress- the Effortless and instant Website Setup 

The reason to choose WordPress for small businesses is its handy setup

Setting up a website with WordPress is quite instant and effortless. You can easily install it with a single click, add up your details, and you are all set to get started. You don’t need to call a web developer for this.  

After installing WordPress, its easy-to-use dashboard lets you customize and set up your website easily in no time, and even newbies can learn it quickly. 

4.WordPress offers a User-Friendly Interface. 

The reason for increasing WordPress’s popularity is its user-friendly interface. WordPress was created keeping both tech and non-tech in mind so that everyone can easily create, customize, or modify websites comfortably. The design is so clean and interactive that it makes the website handling simple and convenient. Users can easily create web pages and posts, add videos, images, etc., handily. 

5.WordPress sites are SEO Optimized. 

There is no mystery about what SEO is when it comes to the internet. Without SEO, no website can rank on SERPs, and a website needs to be SEO optimized in order to achieve higher rankings and reach its targeted audience. Therefore, the foremost thing is to create a website structure that is SEO optimized which is eased with WordPress. The website structure it follows is SEO optimized by default. This enables all website owners to create an SEO-optimized site. However, you may need to optimize your site further for SEO. That is why WordPress will work great for small business websites as well. 

6.WordPress Plugins to add functionalities 

Another distinguishing feature of WordPress is its plugins. Plugins are the added software that plugs into your site and adds additional features or enhances the existing ones. There are plugins for almost every kind of feature you would want to add to your site. 

Numerous free and paid plugins are available in the market you can install to add specific features to your site. Using plugins, you can create any kind of website and add any functionality to your site. 

7.WordPress with an abundance of Themes 

WordPress themes are one of its two distinguishable features. These help you customize the overall appearance and layout of your website.  

To design a beautiful and interactive website, you’ll require a perfect theme that reflects your brand.  

WordPress comes with a surplus of free and paid themes you can choose from and decide the design of your website rather than keeping your site’s design simple and dull. 

Many themes allow you to customize the appearance even more. Themes present your site in a better and more appealing way giving your site a unique and specific appeal. That’s why choosing WordPress for a small business can be a great option where you can give your website a personal touch. 

8.WordPress lets you create highly responsive designs. 

A website design should be highly responsive to provide a great user experience on each device, whether mobile, desktops, laptops, or tablets. A website’s responsive design is flexible and adjusts itself as per the device it is accessed with.  

This can be easily achieved with WordPress. The majority of WordPress themes are fully responsive, and many plugins are also available to optimize the website’s responsiveness. 

9.WordPress- Vast Community support  

Without any assistance and support creating and managing a website can be a challenging task. As discussed above, WordPress powers 43% of the website market, one of the reasons being its vast community support. Due to its demand, there are many online discussion forums, WordPress communities with skilled developers, blogs, guides, and manuals on WordPress that discuss WordPress to a greater extent. Most WordPress how-to guides are present there to help you resolve your concern. That is why WordPress is the best for small and large businesses

10.WordPress- A Secure and Reliable Platform 

Being the favorite of all, WordPress is also the most secure and reliable website builder in the market that consistently improves its features to provide a secure environment for its users. Additionally, there are plenty of plugin options that can add extra security checks and protect your site from hacker attacks

A business, whether big or small, can use WordPress to create an online presence fearlessly. 

To Conclude- 

So, these are only a few reasons to choose WordPress as a platform to create your online presence. If you are searching for a website builder to establish your small business online, you can definitely go for WordPress. WordPress can be a potent choice for small businesses as well as larger ones. We understand that choosing an efficient platform is crucial for placing the foundation of any business, and so we suggest choosing WordPress. Just install WordPress and utilize its capabilities to establish your small business successfully. We hope this has helped you understand the benefits of using WordPress for small businesses

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