Why Should Businesses Invest in React Native App Development?

Cross-platform mobile app development has been gaining popularity since the last few years worldwide. With the increasing competition in every sector, entrepreneurs look for websites and cross-platform mobile app development by partnering with a leading React Native app development company.As businesses explore the benefits of investing in React Native app development, entrepreneurs based in the Sunshine State should also learn How to Get an LLC in Florida to ensure a strong legal foundation for their tech ventures, protecting their personal assets and promoting long-term success.

Why do entrepreneurs choose to React Native for mobile app development?

React native is used for building attractive User Interfaces (UI) and deliver improved performance for the apps. Business owners can save a lot of app development costs with React Native. It had been introduced by Jordan Walke who was a Facebook software engineer. The main distinctive feature of this technology is that it helps to build apps that function just like native applications. It helps to build an app faster with minimal investment. You can get an awesome feature-rich app without digging a hole in your pocket.

Top reasons to use React Native for application development

There are several benefits of this technology for building cross-platform mobile applications. We’ve listed 7 popular reasons why business owners prefer to invest in this platform:

1. Single Codebase

Earlier the developers had to build separate apps for iOS and Android devices. Nowadays, with React Native, they can build a single app that works seamlessly on both Android and iOS. The library helps the React Native app developers write the code once and run it on multiple platforms. Hence, there’s no need to write the app code twice. React Native speeds up the development of cross-platform applications.

2. Optimal Performance

React Native is known for delivering optimal performance through native controls and modules. The React Native architecture is well-tuned for mobile devices. Hence, it improves the performance of apps as it uses different threads from UI and native APIs.

We know that users love consistent brand experiences. For instance, a particular user may use an Android app, then switch to desktop to complete the purchase. With React Native, your app would appear the same on all the platforms and so, the users would be happy with its performance.

3. Faster Development

Faster development is an obvious advantage of React Native as developers need to build one single app instead of multiple apps. As React makes the code re-usable, the developers can use upto 90% of the code and build cross-platform applications.

Even with the smaller team of web and mobile developers, cross-platform apps can be built faster. Speedier app development means faster time-to-market. The businesses can gain a competitive advantage with mobile apps and acquire new users.

4. Large community of developers

Don’t forget that React Native has a large community of developers who are there to help you if you get stuck anywhere with mobile app development. As React Native is an open source JavaScript platform, developers contribute to the framework. You can always rely on the community for help and support. One can take full advantage of this community-driven technology and share their experiences for better coding. GitHub React Native Community encourages the developers to share the tips and tricks with the other community members.

5. Advantage of Live and Hot Reloading

React Native offers support for Live and Hot Reloading. Live Reloading is a tool that helps the developers compile as well as read the files when changes are made. It also provides a new file to the stimulator.

The Hot Reloading is based on the Hot Module Replacement (HMR) and allows the programmers to make quick changes in the source code without recompiling the whole app. So, it shortens the waiting time for the changes during app development.

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6. Third party plugins compatibility

One of the biggest advantages of React Native is that it provides support for third-party plugins. The library makes use of several third-party plugins that let the developers add the desired functionality such as device built-in elements like Maps, GPS, Bluetooth, and a lot more. Moreover, developers never face the issues for speed or high memory usage with third-party plugins.

7. Cross-Platform Support

Cross Platform is an amazingly useful feature of React Native app development. One can code the same app for Android and iOS and it helps to develop apps faster. Even the testing efforts for the developers are reduced to a great extent. It makes the entire cross-platform app development process faster and cost-effective.

8. Lower development costs

All the benefits of React Native app development stated above sum up to one greatest advantage of the platform – It is a cost-effective solution for building apps for different platforms. Whether you hire React Native developers in-house or outsource your project, you’ll end up saving a lot of money with app development. Another advantage is that you will be able to save money on the MIT license also.

Advantages of React Native App Development

End to End Solutions: Hire React Native developers offer end-to-end solutions for cross-platform app development. Right from ideation to successful delivery and maintenance, the React native developers stay connected with clients to use the technology to its full potential.

MVP: i-Verve can help clients test the waters with their idea by creating an MVP for their app. We study the competition and deliver the MVP of your mobile application.

Server-Side APIs: Some mobile app development companies incorporate real-time data efficiency in mobile apps to build a dynamic app. We provide secure, adaptable server-side APIs to make responsive and robust apps.

App Maintenance: Tools such as CodePush help to push updates for React Native app without browsing through Google Play or iTunes Connect submission process. This helps to reduce development costs and time.

App Integration: It allows app integration for different features for building power packed apps. React Native platform can be combined with different app integrations to create the best cross-platform apps that are at par with the top native apps in the market.

Our React Native Development results in power packed apps. We combine the power of React Native Platform with the many App Integrations, ranging from social sharing features to the connecting of an app with Cloud and Automation – making your App at par with the best of Native Apps in the market.

In a Nutshell

Smart Savings, Speedier Development & Security

Facebook, Walmart, Wix, Airbnb, and Bloomberg are some of the brands that have been using React Native and have greatly been benefited by this platform. Now, it is time to use React Native for your next mobile app development project. This is a healthy open source framework that offers great flexibility and security for apps.

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React Native is widely adopted by developers and users all over the world. This technology surely has a bright future. So, you can be assured that it will not disappear soon. It will continue to mature and strengthen in the coming few years. This is the right time to invest in to React native applications as apps with this technology run smoother and load faster. This tool saves development time and cost also.

With so many benefits of React Native app development, it may be impossible for you to ignore this platform when it comes to mobile application development. Choosing this technology for app development is a wise decision as you do not have to compromise on the quality of mobile apps for multiple platforms. So, start looking for an experienced React Native App development company to help you build attractive and engaging apps to make your business reach new heights. From saving money to offering incredible performance, React Native will accelerate your business growth.

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