Why is Firebase Regarded as the Ideal Development Solution for Mobile Apps?

In recent years, mobile app developers have access to many new frameworks, programming languages, and tools for sophisticated development output. Google Firebase has emerged as a great framework and toolset to take care of an extensive range of development issues comprehensively. Firebase in more ways than one has made development jobs easier and faster. 

Firebase is the technology that can be used to take care of every different development challenge and needs those mobile app developers from time to time. From fast-paced development of robust back end apps to offering storage solutions for the data to function. Firebase helps developers to take care of everything in a comprehensive manner. 

Why has Firebase Become So Popular? 

In the very beginning, Firebase emerged as a successful solution leaving behind many other popular alternatives for building mobile apps. But the developers regarded Firebase to have less depth and capabilities compared to solutions like MongoDB. 

Though the later is focused on different objectives and is quite different from Firebase, the comparison nevertheless gave Firebase some challenges. But as soon as Google acquired it and incorporated an array of advanced features and functionalities, Firebase became the most popular database solution among mobile app developers across the niches.  

What is Firebase?

Let us first answer some elementary questions and understand the key value proposition of this database technology. Firebase comes as a comprehensive database and framework equipped with all the tools for building the most sophisticated and feature-rich mobile and web apps. 

The Typical Uses of Google Firebase

Firebase, as an advanced framework for web and mobile app development, can be used across a wide variety of projects. Let us have a brief look at some of the most critical use cases if Google Firebase.  

  • As Firebase is capable of handling all types of data in real-time while making the exchange of data fast, it is the appropriate technology for all types of live streaming and instant messaging apps
  • Firebase is also capable of integrating an extensive range of digital platforms and tools ranging from AdMob, DoubleClick, Google Ads, Play Store, Data Studio, and Slack. This makes it an ideal solution for building apps with built-in management and maintenance capabilities. 
  • As the Firebase offers an array of solutions out of the box, such as databases, analytics, and crash reports, app developers, instead of trying to integrate third-party tools can fully focus on delivering better user experience. 

Key Advantages of using Firebase framework 

Now that we have come to know about the important offerings and out of the box features of Google Firebase, it is time to take a closer look at the advantages this framework offers for the app developers. Let us explain some of the key advantages delivered by Firebase. 

Qualitative Boost

By utilizing an array of sophisticated tools for real-time monitoring, crash reporting, and performance tracking, Firebase helps developers to maintain optimum quality in terms of the app output. Firebase package offers crash reporting and performance monitoring tools out of the box. According to Mr. Juned Ghanchi, the CEO of IndianAppDevelopers, “Firebase has everything that turns the qualitative focus back in cross-platform development space.” Firebase also comes loaded with robust testing environments to make things easier for the developers. 

The Inbuilt Mechanism to Push for Growth 

Firebase by many parameters makes achieving business growth easier by retaining loyal users, enhancing user engagement, and grabbing the attention of new users on a continuous basis. You have both Google Analytics and Google Predictions to work upon the most valuable market insights. Because of its data-driven focus, delivering a better user experience for the target audience also becomes easier with Firebase. 

Better Database Technology 

Firestore uses a NoSQL database, which is regarded to be much advanced as database technology compared to the relational database. Moreover, you can store your data in the Firestore, the integrated back end server from Firebase though you are always free to use other server solutions of your choice. 

It is a Free Solution to Initiate 

Since it is now a Google solution, you can log in with your existing Google account and start using Firebase. As for the plans, you can start without paying anything by opting for Spark, which is a free plan. As your business needs scale up and you need a higher number of reads and writes for the database, you can switch to other plans. 

Time and Cost-Saving Solution 

For building any app, it is important to have a server and a hosting solution. For the database and storage, also the developers need a back end solution that takes care of the data. This requires having both backend and frontend developers in the team. While working with a different team of frontend and backend developers in a project, the app becomes more vulnerable to errors and bugs. Firebase comes as a comprehensive solution to take away this entire load off your shoulder. Just with the frontend developer team, you can pretty well manage all the tasks. This will help you save a lot of time, effort, and development costs for the project. 


Firebase has emerged as a comprehensive and fully loaded package of development tools to help developers take care of any challenging development task with ease. Thanks to Firebase, developers have the exceptional ease and sophistication in hand to take care of myriad development tasks and challenges without spending havoc time and money. 

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