Why Do Users Prefer Booking Services Online on Gojek Clone App Vietnam?

Service booking is not a new concept. Only the preferences of customers have changed! Back in the day, people used to make bookings or reservations manually or via phone calls! Today, they have mobile phones for everything. The technology has paced so quickly that now customers can even book a car washing service online.

There are many perks your customers can reap via using this on-demand multi-service app! First and foremost, with this app, your customers can easily book 101+ services! The service assortment of this app includes online taxi ride booking, ordering food, hiring handymen, sending parcels, etc. 

So, let’s see why customers prefer using this app and booking services online!  

Compare various options 

Do you know what’s the biggest advantage of booking services online? Well, you don’t have to manually call each and every service provider and jot down the perks and prices. 

This app also saves you from the worst! It also eliminates the need of knocking door to door to compare the services. 

In other words, with the Gojek Clone App, customers can easily compare the prices and profiles of service providers registered with the app. Based on their wants and needs, customers can then hire the best service provider or book an online service. 

For example, a customer wants to purchase farm fresh groceries. The customer can open the app and compare the different stores and their prices before purchasing the items. This way, the customer didn’t have to visit different stores to shop for groceries plus get everything delivered to their doorstep!

Book services anytime, anywhere 

This on-demand app enables customers to book services anytime and anywhere! 

Customers need to log into the app and simply make a booking. In other words, if a customer wants to book an appointment for an at-home massage, they can easily book the service by selecting their preferred date & time. 

Even if it’s midnight, the customer can still select their preferred time slot say, November 15, 10:00 AM, and continue booking it! Moreover, if the customer wants to book an appointment for a Thai Massage at the provider’s place, they can do it too! 

Get the necessary information about the service 

The Gojek Clone App also displays all the essential information so that customers can easily read it and make a purchase decision.

For example, a customer wants to send parcels from their home to 4 different localities nearby. Well, the customer doesn’t know which cargo vehicle would be best. 

Therefore, he opens the app and below every cargo vehicle, there is information about what kind of parcels can be sent! 

Thus, without having to go through much trouble, the customer can easily book the parcel delivery service and send them to the desired location within the city! 

Make online payments 

Now, customers don’t have to worry about carrying cash everywhere they go. While booking the service, they can choose a preferred online payment method – credit card or in-app wallet. 

Moreover, the integrated Payment Gateway ensures that every transaction is safe! 

Give instant feedback 

Besides booking the service, the customer also needs the assurance that they can easily give their feedback and the same would be put into consideration. 

As soon as the service is completed, a pop-up requesting feedback is displayed on the screen. Here, the customer can rate and review the service. Also, they can easily mark the provider as a favorite. 

This feature is essential and must be integrated into your app because this way your customers feel that they’re being listened to! 

And that is good for business! 

Well, besides these reasons, people prefer booking services online because 

  • They get quick doorstep delivery. 
  • They can choose to schedule the service at a later date & time. 
  • Apply coupons and get instant discounts. 

In Conclusion: 

Get started with your Gojek Clone demo trial! After you have tried the demo app, take your final purchase decision. 

For more information, connect with the experts today! 

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