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Why Choose Bitdefender as Your Antivirus in 2020

Bitdefender Antivirus

From all the popular antivirus software to choose from in this day and age, why choose Bitdefender, and what can you gain from using it? To answer that question, let me hit you back with another question in asking, “just how important is your privacy to you?” 

If your answer is an obvious yes, keep reading because this is exactly why you would need Bitdefender in 2020, and all the benefits it will provide you are moving forward. Did you know that antivirus software does more than keep your computer safe from viruses? You can freely access safe VPNs that you know for a fact that your location is secured. 

It also keeps your PC or laptop clean and safe to use every time you boot it up. To be sure that no malware or trojans inject themselves from you using your device regardless of whether it was intentional. 

Bitdefender Values Your Privacy

Given that privacy is a concern for most of us in the digital age. It’s a must-have for all antivirus software to protect you from new and emerging viruses and malware and offer you more things to keep yourself hidden while using the internet, like a safe and reliable VPN. 

Bitdefender Protection

We already touched this subject, but let’s talk about it in-depth, VPN allows you to safely browse the internet from hiding your IP address, which tells people just where you are in the world. With that IP safely hidden, it will be easy for you to browse the internet while also keeping you safe everywhere you do. 

So from people who would most likely use your IP address to track you down and do things to you in the real world or in virtual. A quick BitDefender internet security review would allow you to check what you can and can’t do over the web to make sure you’re as safe. 

Security Like No Other

Bitdefender Internet Security values security and offers several layers of protection once activated. Password manager, Parental Control, Safepay, and so much more are essential to digital privacy. 

Not to mention that 24/7 security updates direct from its servers to ensure that no new viruses or malicious content would be able to penetrate your device and keep it safe from all known and unknown attacks.

Remarkable to think that there are so many viruses that have been cataloged and malware that could harm your computer if you don’t have an antivirus like Bitdefender Internet Security that does exactly that, protect you from what you know and don’t know. Bitdefender ranks first according to the best performance from all other competitors out there.

Other Great Things About Bitdefender

If you’re still on the fence regarding its overall performance, Bitdefender offers a 30-day trial to make sure you’re well aware of what you’re going to purchase after the trial is over. Remember that you can cancel anytime; however, once you see what this antivirus does for you and your computer, your second thoughts would be gone instantly. 

Here are the pros of using Bitdefender, 24/7 security updates, direct access to support teams, firewall protection at its finest, affordable price point, and quick action buttons. There is still more to mention. However, it would be best to experience it for yourself. So go ahead and try the free trial right now.


From all the other antivirus software, Bitdefender still stands out to be one of the best in terms of performance, and it would be a shame if you haven’t tried it out yet. If you already are, and then you know how good you have it by having this as your companion to protect your device from any threats.

So if you’re ever in the market for antivirus software that is highly respected and recommended, you know exactly where you need to go, and that would be in Bitdefender Internet Security with all its bells whistles that are all used for your benefit. 

Safety, affordability, ease of use, and many other pros that would outweigh any or if not all cons that people would say about this product. What are you waiting for? Go try it now and see for yourself what you’re missing out!

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