Why CBD Water is the New Health Drink

If you haven’t heard of CBD yet, you haven’t been paying attention to the products that are flooding the wellness industry in the United States and around the world lately. CBD (cannabidiol) is a compound derived from the hemp plant (also known as the cannabis plant). If you’re thinking that cannabis is synonymous with marijuana, you’ve been misled by pop culture.

Although CBD is derived from the same plant as marijuana, by law, it lacks any significant amount of THC, which is what gets people high when they use marijuana. Without THC, you still get the relaxation sensation and pain relief without the psychoactive effect. It’s pretty great, which is why so many people are fawning over it lately.

While you should always get a doctor’s advice on dosage and possible side effects before taking CBD (or any supplement for that matter), CBD products can be a great resource for people struggling with symptoms associated with chronic pain or anxiety. Plus, now there’s a whole new way to consume CBD.

Popular products like CBD oil drops are not the only CBD options available on the market—CBD water is also all the rage. If you’re wondering why everyone is so excited about CBD water, keep reading to find out why.

Not everyone likes swallowing capsules.

If you’re new to the world of CBD, your instinct may lead you to believe that capsules are the best way to take this supplement. After all, capsules are usually how you take most supplements, from vitamins to fish oil. However, not everyone feels comfortable taking capsules for fear of choking. Therefore, liquid CBD products like CBD water might be the perfect option for some people.

If you’re not sure how much CBD to take though, you should read a guide to CBD before taking any CBD products. Another way to go about it, though, is to buy a can of CBD water and let the company that made it measure out the amount of CBD you need for optimum relaxation.

Oil and gummies can include added ingredients.

Oil and gummies are some of the popular ways to ingest CBD, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the best. Gummies and other edibles may have a lot of sugar in them (not super healthy), and CBD oil can’t be added to everything.

If you’re managing the pain from your arthritis with CBD oil, that could be a good choice since it can be rubbed into the skin. If you’re ingesting CBD, though, you may choose something less oily than CBD oil such as CBD water.

We all need to hydrate.

Staying hydrated is critical to our overall health. Drinking plenty of water is crucial to a healthy endocrine system, a healthy vascular system, and for having great skin and faster metabolism. Water isn’t medicine, but it sure does a lot of heavy lifting when it comes to keeping the human body healthy.

For this, and plenty of other reasons, it’s a good idea to keep a case of Labrador bottled water nearby. Another option that allows you to get all the benefits of CBD edibles or CBD oil, plus all the benefits of drinking enough water, is to simply drink CBD water.

CBD water comes in plenty of flavors, so there’s something for everyone. Many people are finding that, by making CBD water their go-to beverage, they’re hitting two birds with one stone. That means one less thing to remember to do for your health.

The topic of CBD is controversial, sure, but it’s becoming less and less so as more CBD products hit the market. Hemp is more acceptable these days than ever before, and that’s just the truth. While you should certainly weigh the pros and cons before drinking CBD water, you’ll probably find more pros than cons. The health benefits are pretty great, which is why so many folks are buying cans of CBD water like they used to buy cans of soda.

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