Why business owners invest in on-demand mobile apps

Over these recent years, we have witnessed a massive surge in on-demand mobile apps entering the market. These apps are succinctly placed right at the intersection of both mobilities as well as speed requirements. This particular aspect is the hidden reason for the tremendous growth of on-demand mobile services. 

With the internet becoming completely commercialized as well as people learning how to accomplish various tasks by merely a simple click of a button, they now know how much they can do. From accessing music audio and video, books, movies, etc. instantly from any place, at any time, on-demand apps have allowed the people even to get hold of physical products too. 

Now, people can easily order their favorite food without any extensive efforts. They can call for a cab with few taps on the screen. But the story doesn’t end here. A plethora of services like home renovation, packers, and movers, pest control, etc. are now launching their own on-demand mobile apps. 

Now, the people don’t have to search all over the internet for a particular service provider, rely on certain recommendations from a friend or hire a random stranger. Now, people can easily go online to read reviews, know the details of the service, cost of services, and compare it with other similar ones, to hire a professional service which fits the bill. This is certainly the major charm of on-demand mobile apps.

Looking around, people can easily see the tremendous demand for on-demand apps. If a service can easily meet the expectations of the users by offering and providing quality and quick services, then it can easily get into the market with huge growth. Mobile app development of such apps has grown hugely. So, let’s look at why business owners are now heavily investing in on-demand mobile apps.

1. Financial Growth and Stability

We look at the major market leaders of on-demand mobile apps, Airbnb and Uber certainly stick out, and they have managed to open up new avenues for the business owners to get venture capital funding. 

The investors who have actually missed to get on the bandwagon on the phenomenal rise 

of on-demand mobile apps and want to take advantage of the growth of this sector are now ready to invest in start-ups which show great business calibre and signs of financial success. Business owners now invest in these apps, which help them in convincing the investors about the successful operation of the business and financial stability, aiming to grow at a good pace.

2. Focused Market Acquisition 

On-demand apps have become famous, as mentioned earlier, by Uber and Airbnb. However, there are many such companies that weren’t able to get huge funding like them. In the case of small to medium businesses, there is just a section of investors ready to fund them. 

However, for these businesses, the market is quite segmented, and they can easily target a particular segment of the market, which makes these businesses quite attractive to the investors. And with the growing popularity of the on-demand mobile apps, the number of investors interested in such businesses is expected to rise by multi-fold, and on demand app development will rise in the future even more.

3. A Plethora of Possibilities

Among the most appealing aspects of mobile app development of on-demand mobile apps are the flexibility and innovativeness of this business. It started with hotels and taxi and now have spread across various sectors like healthcare, food, education, automotive, etc. 

With the assistance of the on-demand mobile app, you can easily register an appointment for blood sample collection at your own home from a regular practitioner and get it tested and have the results mailed to you. 

The possibilities of innovation in the case of on-demand apps are simply endless. You can pick any common daily life challenge that you or your friends face and can easily create a mobile app to solve that issue and target the whole market. 

You can make an app customized birthday cards to be made and delivered to people, an app for delivering coffee at any place, even when stuck at traffic etc. As long as the financial viability of such on-demand app works out, you can always spend on-demand app development. Business owners look at such challenges as opportunities to enter a new market and invest in on-demand mobile apps.

4. Growing Demand

With the ever-increasing availability of better solutions, the desire and demand of people grow. When same-day delivery became possible, people started to expect for same-hour delivery. As booking of physicians become possible online, people started to expect physicians to come to their homes. 

So, as long as business owners keep up with its promise, delivers the best product and service, there will always be a market of on demand mobile apps. Now it’s not just the millennials who are driving this market, but others are also getting on board and reaping the benefits of this industry. 


Now you can see why business owners are investing in on-demand mobile apps. If you take into account the innovation along with execution, you can easily find that there is a huge market waiting for your business for the best possible convenient solution to your daily problems. 

On-demand, mobile apps are among the best examples of how both app development companies and their customers can share a symbiotic relationship. For instance, iPhone app developers can easily get on with iPhone application development as they can easily gauge the requirements of iPhone users. 

On-demand mobile apps are the future of various on-demand mobile services, and a lot of business owners have realized it sooner than later, which reflects in their increasing investment in these apps.

About the guest author

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys, a global ranking Web and Mobile App Development Company. With 10+ years of experience of enabling then Startups which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he is differentiated by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain. He is known for his visionary qualities and adaptability for technology and trends, passionate as he is in every aspect dedicated to making IT simple, accessible and approachable for business enterprises.

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