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Which is better; bra or boob tape?

bra or boob tape

If you are familiar with the trend in the women’s fashion industry, you would have noticed the new pattern of holding the breast upright boob tapes, signifying a departure from the traditional trend – brassiere. The bra is an undergarment that covers the breasts and also helps to lift them. Boob tape also performs the same function and has become quite popular. There is an ongoing comparison between the bra and the boob-hold tape which emerged not quite long. Since its popularization by Kim Kardashian, there has been a continuous debate on what it is and what advantage it has over the bra which has been traditionally used.

Boob tape

Since everyone is conversant with what a bra is, it’s important now to shine a light on boob tape which will help us compare both. Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian, Cardi B, etc. use boob tape to hold their breasts. Getting to find the right bra that will fit all occasions and outfits can be stressful and may take so much of your time, some may get sick due to the stress that may ensue. Boob tape can make one avoid all these situations because unlike traditional bra that mostly obscures the cleavages, the boob-hold tape does the opposite and it is best for backless dresses. One of the brands that are fast gaining traction within this space is BoobHold, and examples of boob tapes include but are not limited to gaffer tape, athletic tape, etc.

Benefits of Wearing Boob Tapes

The question now is what benefits does boob tape offer that bra doesn’t? Here, we explore a few examples.

1. Convenience: 

Boob tape offers more convenience due to the sole fact that it can be used on any clothes on any occasion, unlike the bra, which one cannot wear on every occasion. Boob tapes allow your breast to stay firm and at the same time give you everything you need. One can no longer go out without a breast covering while avoiding the inconveniences of a bra.

2. It Remains Hidden On Any Dress.

Wearing a bra can be revealing on some clothes! You will be compelled to wear only clothes that cover the breasts completely, including the shoulders and the back, while trying to make the bra invisible. Boob tapes make it possible to wear any kind of clothes because it gets admirers to see the breasts standing firm without actually knowing what holds the breasts firmly in position. Staring at someone’s breasts can be embarrassing though. So with boob tapes, the bra can no longer be revealed on many dresses, and the woman completely controls the part of breasts she wants to show.

3. Comfort: 

Boob tapes are super comfortable; it holds the breasts firm and allows it to bounce conveniently unlike the bra which will hold the breasts steadfastly. It gives the comfort of avoiding pain either on the breasts, the back areas, or the shoulders. It also provides the comfort of lifting the breast the way you deem fit. The comfort is overwhelming that you don’t have to feel any inconvenience that will make you adjust the bra at any point nor the bra hooks.

The evolution in women’s wear, especially underwear garments continues till this day, and boob tape is the latest. Based on the occasion, dresses, or preferences, bra or boob tape are viable options.

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