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When It’s Time to Hire an SEO Professional

Hire SEO professional

Everyone loves a little DIY because you avoid hiring someone and learn a little something in the process. 

But just like with home renovations or car repairs, there are times when you need a professional’s help. Search engine optimization for your business is no different!

Any business owner can learn some basic tips and tricks to gain internet attention. But if you want serious results, SEO professionals are necessary to increase your exposure online. 

Here’s how you know that it’s time to upgrade your business’s marketing tactics and hire a professional.

1. You Don’t Have a Plan

Anyone can learn SEO basics to do some basic fixes on their website or social media content. However, effective optimization happens with a strategy. 

One ad, a few social media posts, and some key terms added to your website won’t change your overall results.

A long-term plan includes knowing what kind of content you want to create and when it should be published. You need to be ready to form the right relationships to create quality backlinks and conduct thorough keyword research to find your audience. 

An SEO company can help you make a long-term plan and then implement it. You’ll learn how SEO works and how to use your own strategies in the future.

2. You Want Local Attention

General SEO and local SEO are two totally different ways of optimizing your content. Let’s say you’re a local pizza shop, and you want to achieve high rankings for customers around the block searching for pizza. You can’t play by the same rules as a national operation! 

While you could use your valuable hours searching the best tactics for local businesses to optimize rankings, this may actually cost you time and money. You need SEO that’s designed to draw local customers searching for “the best pizza near ___” on Google. 

Professional agencies will bring their years of expertise to your company and use SEO to attract locals. If you can find an agency local to your community, even better! 

3. You’re Stuck

As mentioned above, DIY optimization is great for some fixes here and there. But if you’ve been working your hardest and you’re still not seeing the metrics you need, it may be time to call in a professional. 

You are an expert in your field. It’s not a sign of failure if you don’t master search engine optimization. That’s what the pros are for!

Think of SEO professionals like public speaking coaches. If you’re great at coming up with businesses but not the best at pitching them, you would hire a professional to give you pointers. A professional will strengthen your ability to attract quality customers to develop a stronger business overall. They focus on your brand’s SEO so that you can continue to prioritize what you do best: running your business! 

SEO professionals have the experience to guarantee more traffic and clicks to your business. If your company’s internet traffic is not increasing as you need it to, hiring a professional is guaranteed to improve results. 


In this digital age, we know that search engine optimization is vital to businesses. However, not all business owners need to become SEO experts to be successful.

Don’t make the mistake of sinking money and time into ads that go nowhere. Recognize when you need an SEO professional. It may be the right investment for bringing more traffic to your site. 

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