When and How to Clean a Grill for Delicious Backyard BBQ

The summer season is widely known for the delicious and mouth-watering grilled food be it grilled sandwiches, grilled chicken, or whatever. But satisfying your cravings for grilled food is not that easy because you have to have the full set-up of it.

The people having the full set up of the barbeque often complain about cleaning the mess post making the food on the grill. No doubt it is a challenging task especially if you are not used to cleaning it regularly. Moreover, if you do not clean it at regular intervals, then it can reduce the longevity and usage of the grill.

Probably that’s why the majority of the people ask our San Diego house cleaning company – How to clean a grill? If this has been your major query, then we have got you covered. Go through the detailed post on how to clean a grill for the delicious barbeque.

How to Clean a Grill?

Cleaning a grill is a difficult task but not an impossible one. There are plenty of things in the kitchen and home which will act as the ideal cleaning agents for cleaning the grill irrespective of the fact whether you have a freestanding barbeque or a portable one.

Follow the steps mentioned below to clean all the grease and grime from your grill and make it ready for the next party.

Clean Grill Grates

The very first thing you need to clean while cleaning the grill is the grill grates as they come in direct contact with your food. That’s why it is essential to clean the grill grates regularly. For cleaning the grill grates, begin by removing the grates and wiping off the dirt and debris with a nylon scrub or by using a grill brush.

Soak the grates in the solution made up of grease-cutting dish liquid and flip it to the other side after some time. Wait for 30 minutes, put on the rubber gloves, and scrub clean the grates with a scrubbing pad.

Steam Clean the Grill

The best way to clean the grill is through steam. Let the barbeque cool down after using it, cover the grill with the water soaked in the newspaper, and cover the lid. Leave it aside for around 30 minutes to get rid of all the dirt, debris, and dust.

Clean Oil and Fat

Usually, the grills post cooking contains leftover oils and fats which make them look dirty. The best way to dispose of the fat and oil in the grill is by using the fat trap container. Once the fats, oils, and container have cooled down, you can clean it. Simply mix the cooking oil in the cat litter or coffee grounds and dispose of it in the bin.

Use Dishwasher

As far as it is about the hotplates of the grill, you can clean them in the dishwasher. For getting the best results, you should clean the plates in warm water and they’ll seem brand new.

Hot Water and Foil

The combination of hot water and foil works great against the dirty barbeque. Take hot water, scrunch some foil and use that for cleaning the oil, dirt, dust, and grease from the grill.

Clean the Exterior of the Grill

Cleaning the exterior of the grill is as important as the interior. Make a solution of warm water and dish liquid and clean the grill with the sponge or a cleaner such as Mr. Clean clean freak’s deep cleaning mist. If the exterior is of stainless steel material, then you can use the stainless stain cleaner.

Final Say

How to clean a grill must be cleared to you now. Using the above-mentioned ways, one can easily clean the grill and wipe off all the excess dirt from it. Still, if you struggle to do so, then opting for the house cleaners San Diego might be the best thing for you as they are professionals in the cleaning services and have advanced equipment.

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