What’s the Most Effective Way to Take Supplements?

Why do people take food supplements? Doesn’t our diet provide everything that a body needs? Well, not everyone can utilize all the nutrients in food and many people do not eat a diet that contains all the nutrients they need.

One way to stay healthier with a diet that is missing some nutrients is to take good food supplements. But, as with everything, how and when a person takes supplements makes a difference. Which supplements and their quality also make a difference.

What are Some Reasons to Take Supplements?

People take supplements for a variety of reasons including:

  • To cleanse and detox their bodies
  • For more energy and improved physical fitness
  • To improve their immune health
  • For skin care because healthy skin makes us look younger and just better
  • For general wellness, feeling better, and achieving wellness goals
  • To help with weight loss
  • To improve specific health issues

Doing a little research to find good quality food supplements is the first step in getting good benefits from them.  There are people considering FirstFitness supplements because of their high quality and good ratings. Food supplements are not always equal and you often get what you pay for. Look for supplements that contain essential nutrients, plant-based ingredients, botanical extracts, and nutraceuticals for the best results.

Check to see which nutrients will help with the physical problems being experienced. Some supplements are good for the skin while others help with cardiovascular health. There are some good multivitamins and mineral supplements geared to women’s needs or men’s needs. There are supplements for joint issues and many other issues.

Getting Nutrients The Right Way

It is important to match the supplement intake to the individual’s vitamin needs. Follow the supplement manufacturer’s instructions and dosages. Don’t take supplements that are not needed. A person’s vitamin needs will depend on age, diet, sex, and other health factors. Eating a healthy diet is the best first line of defense. Following the USDA’s dietary guidelines is a great start. When dietary habits or other issues cause deficiencies, supplements can be very helpful.

Some habits that cause deficiencies include:

  • Not eating a wide selection of foods including fruits, vegetables, protein sources, roughage, water, and more.
  • Following fad diets that are low-carb, low-fat, etc. do not allow for proper nutrition.
  • When a person has digestive tract problems like colitis or Cron’s disease where nutrients might not be absorbed or tolerated.
  • Trying to lose weight by consuming too few calories or over-exercising.

When it is necessary to take food supplements, it is important to follow a few guidelines for the best results:

  • Follow the dosage recommendations on the label.
  • Take the supplement as directed and read the whole label. Some supplements should be taken with food, some react with certain medications, etc.
  • Never substitute supplements for food.
  • Beware of supplements with claims that are too good to be true.
  • Keep supplements and medications stored safely and out of the reach of children. Store the supplements according to label directions and store them in the same place always so they are easy to find.

In addition to taking supplements correctly, there are some lifestyle habits that will be helpful. They include following a healthy diet with a variety of foods, eating foods rich in fiber such as raw fruits and vegetables, getting plenty of sleep, drinking plenty of water, and getting rid of bad habits like smoking or drinking too much alcohol.

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