What You Should Do When You Deleted Your Photo in Android Device

Android phone is an important tool for many occasions. But, mostly, we use this gadget for taking a picture, right? For example, you are having a vacation and visiting a beautiful place. Now, how can you capture that place’s beauty? It’s simple. Take out your Android phone and snap! You got a great photo for your collection.

It’s useful, indeed. But, you also need to prepare android phone photo recovery software. Why? There are many factors that will cause the photos is gone. So, having a tool to recover it when that problem occurs is a must thing to do for all Android users.

Below, we will tell you about how you can recover your photo from your Android gadget.

Things You Need to Do First

Before we move to the recovering process, firstly, you need to prepare. Don’t worry, it isn’t difficult. You need to do this once you realize that your photo is deleted by accident or other factors.

So, what you need to do? You must stop creating new data. Do not take a new picture, installing an app, downloading a movie, copying files, and even turn on the internet connection. Keep it like what it used to be. Why?

When you lost your photo from your Android phone, it doesn’t mean that it is gone forever. You don’t need to cry and say goodbye to your masterpiece. It’s still in there. It is inside the internal storage of your Android phone.

But, it doesn’t have the previous form. It turns into code. Therefore, you need to use a special method to extract that code and change it back into the photo.

If you create new data, there is a high possibility that your phone system, stupidly, sees the old photo data as useless data. And, it will remove it because it wants to give some space to the new data. If it happens you can cry and say a real goodbye to your masterpiece. So, do not create new file!!!

Recovering the Photo

Unfortunately, you can only recover your photo using the software. And, in order to do that, you must install them. We told you that you can’t do anything on your phone. But, you don’t need to worry. You are going to install the software on your computer. Then, you can connect your Android phone onto your computer, and voila! You are ready.

Your Android phone will act or read as a storage device. The recovery software then will scan the device and find the recently deleted photos. And, if it is still in good condition, you can easily recover it. It will be like a new photo just freshly taken. So, you don’t need to worry about the resolution quality or others.

Photo Recovery Software 

Now, what you need to do is choosing the photo recovery software. You can find many of them, both free and paid version. For example, you can use FonePaw, EaseUs, Recuva and many more. However, most of the software has a similar method to find the photos that you’re looking for.

  • Here is how you use the software.
  • Install the software and once it’s finished, open it.
  • Connect your phone to the computer where you install the software.

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Find on the software interface the button to scan the phone. Usually, you can choose the deep or normal scan mode. Once you find it, click it and wait until it’s finished the scanning process.

  1. Once it’s finished, you will find the file that the software found.
  2. Now, search the photo files that you want to recover. 
  3. Choose the files and hit the recover button.

And, it’s done! You get your deleted photos back.

Things You Need to Remember

Recovering deleted photo from Android phone will need special access to the deeper area of your phone internal storage. This is the place where the deleted photo in code form is located. Therefore, and unfortunately, you need to root your phone in order to take this file. Otherwise, the software won’t be able to get the file that you want.

Basically, data recovery on Android phone is doable. Just use the methods above and pay attention to several things we explained. You will get the photo that you accidentally or clumsily deleted.

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