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What to Do with Old Router

Is the old router cluttering your drawers? Here’s how to save some money instead of reusing your old router and throwing it away.

Think it’s time for a new router? Your unique Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have sent one or like the upgrade. Either way, you have a problem:

If you change your ISP, you will often be asked to return the old device. But if you have an old router that is kicking around this place, there are several ways you can reuse it. The old and new routers are also discussed by the Best of Router.

1. Build a Wireless Repeater

What if your Wi-Fi network doesn’t extend to the entire range of your home? Although you can choose a power line Ethernet adapter, adding a second router to the mix is ​​a good alternative.

This means connecting the old router to your new wireless network using the Wi-Fi signal. It can then share access to the Wi-Fi network with maximum coverage. While there may be some delay issues, this is a quick and easy way to extend your wireless network.

It has various uses, ranging from boosting your Wi-Fi signal around your home to allowing you to stream video to your tablet while cooling in the garden.

2. Guest Wi-Fi Connection

If you leave and use your wireless Internet regularly, why not give them your network?

It’s like a wireless repeater project, but with a twist. The router connects to your existing, password-protected network but gives new devices password-free access. This will use the guest network feature of your old router. By default, this prevents guests from accessing other devices on your network. For security cameras you can visit the Best wireless Router for Security Cameras.

If this level of security is not enough, check the firewall settings on the main router to adjust.

Cheap Internet Radio Streamer

Want to enjoy your favourite radio stations on the Internet? Some routers may be configured to run Internet radio if you are ready to install OpenWRT or DDWRT custom router firmware.

You will need a USB sound card along with some other software to output the audio.

Although not easy to build, and there are plenty of Internet radio options available, this is still a massive project. It gives you a definition of how to install custom firmware as well as how to stream music.

Use the Router as a Cheap Network Switch

Most routers do not have more than six Ethernet ports. With the advent of wireless technology around the home, that number could drop to four. But with the apparent need to connect devices over Ethernet, your ports may run out.

For example, online gaming with a console or PC is more reliable than using Ethernet. Your TV decoder will provide better streaming over Ethernet than wireless.

If you run out of Ethernet ports, you can add more via the network switch. This is a networking version of the main power bar, with additional ports plugged into a port on the router.

Your older router usually has four or more ports, so connecting will quickly increase the number of ports available. It would help if you disabled wireless networking on older routers to avoid conflicts.

Turn Your Old Router Into a Wireless Bridge

What if your new router is wireless only? Maybe the ISP does not offer routers with Ethernet ports, or perhaps you use a 4G or 5G internet provider. Either way, if you need to connect Ethernet devices to your home network, the wireless bridge is the answer.

Despite being cheap, an old router can be reused as a wireless bridge.

It works a bit like a wireless repeater, but it offers wireless bridge Ethernet instead of sharing a Wi-Fi connection. The old router connects to your existing Wi-Fi network — connect the devices to the Ethernet ports.

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