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What Is Software Architecture?

Software Architecture

  We face software architecture every day. We may not even understand what this term means, but it is already making our life easier. The way you see your phone content is determined exactly by a software architecture.

What does software architecture mean?

 Software system architecture – is an organizational structure which includes modules, their external characteristics, as well as relationships between these modules.

  The software architecture illustrates the organization and functionality of the existing system. It consists of multiple elements which perform a set of specific functions. Consequently, software architecture serves as a basis for software building. It is exactly architecture solutions that determine the quality, maintainability and the overall performance of any system.

  Since nowadays technologies are sophisticated, the architecture may include a combination of different styles and approaches.

  Software architect design is a set of the most important decisions about the organization of the software system. It includes structural elements and their interfaces selection, with the help of which the system is composed, as well as their behavior in the framework of structural elements cooperation. Another  component is connection of selected elements of a structure and their behavior into ever larger systems. The last but not the least element, an architectural style that guides the entire organization – all elements, their interfaces, their collaboration and their connection.

 The architecture software documentation simplifies the process of communication between the developers, and allows them to record the adopted design decisions and provide information about them to the operating personnel of the system and at the same time reuse components and product templates in other projects.

The criteria of a high-quality software architecture 

As a matter of fact, the term “software architecture” isn’t generally accepted and most developers understand it due to their experience and expertise. Experts can easily decide on which code is good and which is a bad one. High-quality architecture is the one that makes the program development and maintenance easier and more efficient. A great and professional program is easier to extend and modify. Such platforms are also much more convenient for testing, debugging, and understanding. That is, in fact, you can formulate a list of quite reasonable and universal criteria:

1. System performance

 It is of pivotal importance that the program is required to cope with the range of assigned issues and tasks. The process of performing functions must be equally qualified in all possible conditions. High performance includes such features as reliability, safety, efficiency, ability to go along with heavy workload, etc.

2. System flexibility

 Any application is required to adapt to our fast-developing world with the flow of time. In fact, if such changes and alterations can be fast and conveniently added to the existing product, there will be fewer problems and errors and the system itself will be more flexible and competitive. Due to this, while  building  an architecture software, try to predict and overthink what you are going to do with that or these aspects of the system, if you want to change them later. A single question must arise: “What is going to be one day if the available architectural solution won’t be suitable anymore?” The process of one part change should not affect the other parts of a system. 

3. System expansibility

 Expansibility of a system can be defined as the ability of adding new features and functions to the system without damaging and violating its basic structure. At the early stage, it is essential to include into the future system only the basic and most urgent and necessary features. But at the same time, the architecture should allow you to easily add additional functions in case they are needed. And it must be done in such a way that it won’t be a real challenge for you.

 Drawing conclusions

 Building a software architecture is a tough process which requires high expertise, deep knowledge and vast experience. If you are a business owner looking for software architects, the best thing you can do is to visit and hire a professional team.

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