What is a Dedicated Server? How to Use cPanel in a Dedicated Server?

You have made a fantastic choice for your organization by opting for a dedicated server in USA. Now, we will learn about how this hosting method works. We will also discuss how you can use the cPanel. To get the maximum benefits of this hosting method, knowing how cPanel works becomes very important.  

As you know, there are many options available to host your website. They start from a basic plan of a shared hosting where you share server resources with other sites. In case there is additional traffic demand, you can also opt for a Virtual Private Server known as VPS. Here, you will get a part of the physical server exclusively for your site.

As your business grows, solutions like shared hosting or VPS often proves insufficient to meet your traffic demand. Then, a cheap dedicated server USA from Serverwala offers an excellent solution. Here, you get the entire physical server dedicated to your site.

What is a Dedicated Server?

Here, your hosting service provider will lease an entire server to you. Your website can use all the server resources. Here, your website doesn’t have to share these resources with anyone else. Dedicated server USA is very flexible compared to shared hosting. Your organization will get total control over the server. That includes server hardware and what type of operating system you want to run. 

A dedicated server also contains an advanced form known as complex managed hosting. There are two types of servers known as physical and virtual servers; you can opt for a combination of these two servers known as hybrid servers. Complex managed hosting covers all these types of servers. Generally, the price of complex hosting is higher. Here, you will get in-depth support from the host providing the best dedicated server USA.

Many providers are offering a cheap dedicated server in USA. But only the best dedicated server USA providers give necessary benefits that include security, server management, IT support, etc. Here, the host will take care of server administration; hosting companies offer it as an add-on service. 

As we know, the initial cost of this method is high compared to basic shared hosting. But in the long term, dedicated hosting will often prove economical. Here, data centers host your servers; your hosting company manages these data centers. They come well equipped with HVAC systems and redundant power supply. 

As your hosting service provider owns the hardware of the server, they maintain it. You will get support on the software side, including the operating system and various applications. Dedicated hosting offers many excellent benefits to your organization. You will get high performance, speed, security to match the needs of your online traffic.

How to use cPanel in a Dedicated Server?

You need to follow five steps at the start. These steps will help you with the initial setup phase of cPanel. At the end of it, all your websites will run efficiently along with the necessary applications. You have to pay special attention to operating system installation and configuration of network interfaces at the start.

It becomes critical that you follow these five steps carefully. After that, your cPanel dedicated server will be ready to work at full potential.

1) Completion of initial cPanel server setup:

Many people only browse default options when they log in for the first time. An initial cPanel setup will help you a lot in the future as you get to know many useful options that you would have ignored. Doing cPanel setup when you do login for the first time becomes vital. Your work will get a lot simple due to this step. 

The procedure to do the initial cPanel setup is easy. You have to check whether your hostname, primary and secondary nameservers are correct. 

cPanel will use the name of the host for the configuration of most of these elements. Hence, the correct hostname is key for cPanel to do a successful operation.

Now, you have to set up an email for your cPanel. Linking email with cPanel dedicated server will help you in case any problem arises.

2) Update PHP language in Apache webserver:

There are various PHP commands and scripts used in the web page. Using them is quite simple; you need to check and uncheck tickboxes as per the PHP version during the initial setup. Just pay attention that you must not close any browser window while doing this step.

3) The use of package manager for resource management:

Sometimes your site will use all the resources of the dedicated server in USA. You have to use Package Manager in WHM, here, you can easily change the setting so that other sites will get resources of the server.

4) Use WHM Security Center:

There is no need to use this Security Center regularly. But using it after some time well help you get a higher level of security against various threats. You can review different options in the Security Center. By default, options are disabled. You can enable or disable these security functions as per security needs.

5) Backup your dedicated server regularly:

Thereare many scenarios where having a dedicated server backup becomes vital. In that case, you can take your site back online immediately by using a backup. You can effortlessly do a backup by using cPanel. You need to login to WHM first. Then, go to the section named Backup, in that you will find Configure Backup. Here, enable the checkbox if you found it disabled. 


A dedicated server in USA offers your organization a perfect solution to match any surge in traffics due to growing business. This method is known to offer very high performance, enhanced security, and fast speeds. For that, you have to select a service provider that provides the best dedicated server USA. Some companies give excellent services with a cheap dedicated server in USA.

After selecting the perfect service provider, you need to set up your cPanel by using five steps given in this article. That will help you immensely to carry out all the necessary functions of your website. 

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