What Certification to do After Salesforce Admin

On average, sales and marketing costs average from 15%-35% of total corporate costs. So the effort to automate for more sales efficiency is absolutely essential. In cases reviewed, sales increases due to advanced CRM technology have ranged from 10% to more than 30%.

Harvard Business Review

We have been witness to automation for many years. Machines keep on evolving to make our tasks easier and today we seek the benefits of many manual activities that have been automated. The field of sales and marketing is not behind – automation in this area has been ensured through CRM or Customer Relationship Management tools. CRM software is nothing but a way to build a long-lasting relationship with customers by keeping track of sales, leads, customer interactions, and much more.  

Now when it comes to selecting the best CRM software available in the market, companies rely on none other than Salesforce. Founded in 1999, Salesforce aimed to replace the traditional desktop CRM software with cloud-based CRM so that it could be accessed anytime anywhere, and currently, it is the world’s number one CRM solution. American Express, Schneider Electric, Toyota, Americal Red Cross, and Spotify are some of the popular clients of Salesforce who have improved their business and offered amazing customer service by using this CRM software.  

Professionals interested in Salesforce know that they have to achieve Salesforce certifications to demonstrate their skills. Most of them start with a Salesforce Administrator Certification. So, are you a Salesforce Certified Admin? Are you looking for the next step to get ahead in Salesforce? If yes, then you are in the right place. This article lets you understand what options do you have after becoming a Salesforce certified administrator.

Continue Your Salesforce Journey

Salesforce has consistently been adding on new features to its cloud platform and so you shouldn’t stop your learning after becoming a Salesforce Administrator. While there are many options for people to explore after attaining this certification, you should definitely consider to level up. It may not only enhance your credibility but may also increase your earning potential. Of course, you may gain some work experience in this role and then prefer to upgrade yourself. 

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Whatever be the gap, here are the options that you have if you are thinking about what certification to achieve after Salesforce Administrator. 

Salesforce Platform App Builder Certification

This credential is the most obvious choice for many certified admins. It is because all that you have learned for the Salesforce admin certification is related and helpful to prepare for the App Builder certification. You’ll understand the declarative customization capabilities of the Lightning platform and how to use it to design, build, and deploy custom applications. Some of the concepts where you’ll be tested on include customizing applications for mobile use and designing reports dashboards, data models, business logic, user interface, and security for your applications. It is important to note that you don’t need coding knowledge for this certification, it only checks your knowledge of the platform, and in what scenarios is coding needed.    

Exam details – The Salesforce Platform App Builder exam includes 60 questions of multiple-choice/multiple-select types that need to be attempted in 105 minutes. You need to achieve at least 63% to pass the exam. The registration fee is USD 200. 

You can seek Salesforce training in Bangalore or any other city to prepare for this certification.

Salesforce Advanced Administrator Certification

If you are a seasoned Salesforce Administrator who knows Salesforce configuration maintenance, administration best practices, and how to solve a variety of business problems by using advanced features and functionality, then this certification is for you. Some of the concepts which you should master include creating custom objects and defining appropriate relationship types, setting up Sales Cloud applications, capabilities of forecasting, configuring Service Cloud applications, and using dynamic dashboards and dashboard filters to enhance dashboards. 

Exam details – The Salesforce Advanced Administrator exam includes 60 questions of multiple-choice/multiple-select types and 5 non-scored questions. The time allowed is 105 minutes. You need to achieve at least 65% to pass the exam. The registration fee is USD 200. The prerequisite for this exam is the Salesforce Certified Administrator credential. 

Should You Enroll in a Training Course?

As you have passed the Salesforce Administrator exam, you must be aware of the standard of the questions asked. While at the beginning of your preparation, many of the concepts may seem similar to you, but you have to put dedicated effort for the next certification exam. So, its always better to learn from an expert who has already qualified for these certifications. Such expertise is made available to you through online training courses. Whether you decide to take up the Salesforce Platform App Builder exam or the Salesforce Advanced Administrator exam, there are courses for both of them. All it takes is to enroll in a suitable Salesforce training program and continue your learning. 

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