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What Causes Baldness, Permanent Treatment For Balding

What Causes Baldness, Permanent Treatment For Balding

Balding is a common health condition problem in various people. It is always expected in men, though there has been a record of females also experiencing excessive hair loss that results in balding or bald spots.

Many people always cover their heads using weaves or hair caps to hide their balding, while few do take it as it is. Although it doesn’t harm, balding brings discomfort and stressful moments in people’s lives. Due to this, people should be cautious not to find themselves in this condition. They should have good nutrition and ask the doctor about the drugs that, when used, may cause baldness.

This article will detail- what causes baldness and the permanent treatment for balding suggested by dermatologists worldwide.

What Causes Baldness?

Some causes of baldness in both males and females differ, while others are similar. This is because of different enzymes found in them responsible for hair growth in various parts of the body. Baldness comes as a result of;

1. Radiation therapy

When radiation therapy is performed, it tampers with the body cells, supporting various functions in the body. In most cases, it affects hair cells leading to falling out or stunted hair growth in some people.

2. Hair treatments

Hair treatment is a common cause of baldness. The products such as hair shampoos or oils may have chemicals that cause the thinning of hair, thus leading to balding. Females are known to experience this more than males since they usually do hair treatments with such products.

3. History of the family

This usually occurs in both males and females of a particular age of 40-the 50s. It is known to be inherited from the genes of the parents, grandparents, or even close relatives. It is known as male baldness and female baldness in males and females, respectively.

4. Depression and Stress

Many people experience temporary hair loss as a result of emotional or physical stress. It occurs some days after a depressional moment and can take some time before going back to its normal condition. It is a common cause of baldness in many people.

5. Hormonal changes

It mainly causes excessive hair loss in females. The changes such as menopause, pregnancy, thyroid problems, and children’s birth cause hormonal imbalance leading to hair loss, thus causing balding.

6. Treatments and medications

When we look at what causes baldness, it is good to consider some medicines used to treat diseases like blood pressure, cancer, arthritis, etc. This is because the drugs might have side effects in some people leading to the thinning of hair, thus causing baldness.

Permanent treatment for balding

Balding may be difficult for some people to treat since they don’t know the proper medications to use or apply. Let us see some of the permanent treatments.

1. Hair transplant

Hair transplant is a medication where a dermatologist removes hair from other parts of the affected person’s head and plants them where there is hair loss. It might be difficult for some people to afford since it is expensive, though it is one of the best ways of treating balding.

2. Micropigmentation of the scalp

This is the injection of the epidermis’ layers in the scalp. The epidermis’ layers are always responsible for adding more hair follicles that look like real natural hair. If you are suffering from balding, you should contact an experienced doctor to help you with this permanent treatment.

3. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet Rich Plasma is medically approved for permanent treatment of baldness. The doctors extract the blood of the patient, which contains a high percentage of platelet with less plasma, and injects it at the scalp to stimulate the growth of hair follicles, thus treating baldness.

4. Therapy of hormones

In most cases, hormonal therapy helps to permanently treat baldness in females due to hormonal changes such as menopause, pregnancy, etc. The doctors can perform treatment on progesterone and estrogen to slow the rate of hair thinning, thus treating the balding.

5. Laser therapy

Here, the doctor takes light pulses that contain low energy and places them on the affected area to accelerate the growth of hair follicles, thus treating baldness. Many doctors recommend it since it is suitable for both males and females and also costs less.


Baldness is a heavy task that challenges many people. If the treatments are expensive for you to afford, you should accept yourself the way you are and always stay positive. If you have any challenges in treating baldness, you should seek advice from the doctor and do as they ask you.

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