What can influence a company’s software development cost?

You may be looking for a custom software solution and wondering about the investment it would incur. No matter which software development firm you approach, they would most likely hesitate to give even a ballpark figure for the simple reason that it depends on various factors. Some may tell you that it would be anywhere from $50,000 to $250,000. Still, you cannot get an exact answer or idea until you share your requirements. After all, the price of a calculator app and a billing system would differ because they are two vastly different solutions. And then, the features you would want to add may also create a considerable gap. 

Still, when you try to figure out how much it can cost, it would be better to overview all the contributing aspects for a little bit of understanding. Let’s check them once.

Software size

There would be a requirement around the number of pages or screens for an app. The more you add, the more the price would shoot up. Small applications consist of 10 to 25 screens, medium 25 to 40, and anything above 40 belongs to a more extensive set of demands. If you cannot place it in terms of screen, it would help to know that screen is the first thing of your application that a user would see, and several others would open as they take action. Usually, a small app’s cost starts from $50,000, medium $75,000, and large $250,000.

Complex and creative features

A complicated software solution would have to deal with heavy calculations and testing to cater to the specific client requirement. So it can be another factor. Then, the use of illustrations, animations, and other elements from the design aspect can also play an integral role in the budget. According to some experts, you can spend about $8k to $16k on the app design. However, if it includes lots of design and artwork elements, the budget would be higher.


Sometimes, it doesn’t take much effort to integrate different systems and processes. But some other times, it can feel like a headache. You don’t know how things would respond when you combine your data with the external software. For example, you can think of payment gateway integration. It can happen quickly. However, others can pose legitimate challenges, causing your cost to hike.

Data migration

If you want to merge existing data in the new system to reduce manual labor, you would need migration. The custom scripts would transfer data from old to a new process. Although the process can be easy, it can involve multiple stages of decision-making regarding how it should store data. Since the entire process would include writing scripts, testing, and adjustments, you can expect the project cost and time to increase.

If you hire a professional custom software company, they would listen to your requirements and develop a design based on your expectations. When you discuss, you can mention what budget you have in mind to help them work around it, prioritizing the essential features.

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