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What are the types of bail bond to help accused get out of jail?

bail bond to help accused get out of jail

Are you or any of your family spending nights behind bars? Well, we do not want our beloved ones to spend a night in jail. In such situations, you can help them come out of custody by a arranging and paying bail bond. This is the immediate help that you can offer to your close ones.

What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a contract paper between the court and the accused person or the bail agent. The contract paper says that the bail agent should make a promise on behalf of the defendant that he/she will abide by all the rules and regulations of the court. The paper further says that the accused should pay a certain amount of money to the court as a part of the bond. Also, the defendant will appear in court whenever summoned.

Types of bail bonds:

When a person needs to get out of jail, there are various options to select from. The bail bond is the most common type of getting relief from the prison. The defendant can choose bail bonds as per his/her requirements or the bond that will fit the present condition. Here are some of the types of bail bonds process in Ohio:

  • Unsecured bail bond: Under the legal rules, a person charged with a crime should promise that he/she will return to the court whenever summoned and abide by all kinds of court orders. It is the process of an unsecured bond. In this case, the defendant may not have to submit any bond money to the court. But the person will sign a bond, and then the court will release the person from jail under specific terms and conditions. The accused person is alone responsible for abiding by all the court laws.
  • Ten percent bail bonds: The name speaks about the clause of the bond. In the case of a ten percent bail bond, the accused has to pay 10% of the bail bond amount as cash. Afterward, as the case continues, they must pay the remaining ninety percent of the money under confirmation of the bond. For instance, if the judge imposes cash of $25,000.00 ten percent bond, then the charged person would pay $2,500.00 to get a release from the court.
  • Surety bonds: Surety bonds are especially for real estate users. The law allows this bond to be secured by real estate securities. Also, the defendant can deposit a hefty amount of money to fulfill all the bond’s terms and conditions.

Cost of bail bond

In Ohio, a court’s bail bond is ten percent on all types of commercial bail bonds. Nobody can charge more or less than this particular amount. You can deposit the money directly to the court or go through the bail bond agency. If anyone offers you more or less than this amount, the person will undoubtedly violate the laws

Instead of cash, you can also use your property as a part of the bail bond deposit. In such a case, the property value must be at 150% of the total bail bond amount. If you pay directly to the court, then you can avoid the minor court administrative charges.


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