What Are The Most Common Plumbing Problems?

Plumbing services for residential and commercial buildings are critical service that ensures the water entering and leaving your property runs efficiently. Other essential services provided by plumbers include installing and maintaining heating systems, washing machines, and furnaces, among other services.

Because plumbing problems can be frustrating and a cause for concern, you need an expert who is always on standby to fix plumbing issues and perform sewer cleaning and repair. PIC Plumbing Services operating in San Diego and nearby areas are available 24/7. They offer quality services that meet customer satisfaction. Here are common plumbing problems you should know about:

Leaky Faucets and Pipes

This problem is widespread in residential homes and apartments. If left unfixed, a leaky faucet can cause serious problems, including damage to the building and causing a spike in the utility bill.

Most leaky faucets occur due to a damaged washer in the tap seal. The washer can stiffen, tear off, or disengage from its normal position. The leaky faucet problem may exacerbate if the valve seat corrodes, causing severe inefficiency.

Other causes of water damage include unpredictable high water pressure and deterioration of components. Quick solutions to faucet leaking involve replacing the damaged washer or the adjoining U-joint.

It is vital to recognize that faucet damage from the usual mechanical wear and tear is time-bound thereby unpreventable; however, it is highly advisable to avoid placing excessive pressure on the tap handle. Homeowners are encouraged to request regular plumbing inspections to catch such problems in good time and prevent costly repairs.

Clogged Drains and Toilets

A clogged drain and toilet can easily cause water to back up when taking a shower or emptying a sink. Toilet clogging in itself is a serious concern that must be addressed without further delays as it can lead to water backflow and overflow issues in severe cases.

The problem occurs when the drain is blocked either wholly or partially. Most blockages are caused by simple items such as hair strands, small toys, toothbrushes, and other unbreakable items.

 A plunger may be used to unblock the toilets and drains to fix a clogged drain r toilet. In serious cases of clogged drains and toilets,  a professional plumber should be contacted to handle more complex issues. One critical preventative measure is removing items that fall inside the toilet instead of flushing them away. It is also advisable to install a hair catcher in the shower drain to arrest loose hair strands.

Homeowners are strongly advised to ensure only dissolvable waste products go down the toilet to prevent clogged drains and toilets. Several chemical drain cleaners can be used to unblock the drain quickly and safely. 

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is a big concern in most homes and may cause routine activities like showering and ice, making it almost impossible. The problem usually starts small and will grow into a bigger mess if nothing is done.

Common reasons for low water pressure include the water main break reducing pressure, leaking pipes, and mineral and sediment build-up. The build-up often occurs in the showerheads, faucet aerators, and interconnecting water pipes.

The homeowner or plumber can sort out the mess by inspecting the showerheads and water aerators for visible signs of the problem. Cleaning should also be carried out to remove any blockages impeding the water flowing. To effectively prevent low water pressure, have a filtration system installed to prevent minerals from entering the pipes.

Water Heater Issues

You can easily spot a water heater problem when taking a shower. The problem is manifested in different ways, including unexpected hot or cold water, dripping water, colored water, and water heater noises. Common causes of water heating issues are pipe leakages and mineral and sediment deposits, which may cause leakages and less efficient water flow.

Some of the problems associated with the water heater can be easily caught by checking if the pilot light on a gas-propelled water heater is on or off. On the other hand, mineral deposit issues can be sorted out by draining the water tank to clear all the sediments. Remember to call the plumber when you notice water pooling on the floor. Keeping the water heater running will save you money and prevent problems. 

The core values of good plumbing include professionalism, integrity, and commitment to service delivery. A good plumber can help you with several problems including backflow issues, drain cleaning, commercial services, epoxy lining, general plumbing, commercial water heater, commercial gas line installation, repair, and drain cleaning, 

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