Ways to Make Your Work Desk Look Attractive

Do you really sit at the desk in the office all day long? Of course NOT! Occasionally you have to get up for a tea break, meeting, or lunch. But the maximum time of the office hours you spend is in the small section of your office. Most probably you spent more time on your desk than in your bedroom. So if you can decorate your home to live a superior lifestyle then why not for your work desk? Here are some small tips to decorate your work desk, it will help you to overcome the boredom of regular office culture.

1. Hold the files with some decorative bookends

You can use some fresh, quirky and fashionable bookends. These will help you to be charming every time during the paperwork 

2. Creative Calendars

While tracking the time, appointments dates, and planning follow-ups, it’s better to get some creativity with it. You can find several fun calendars like logo calendar, various geometric shapes, famous paintings, etc.

 3. Bring in little Greenery

You can brighten up the work desk with plants & make you realize accomplished all day long. After a few days, it will become your habit to look after those plants and it will help you shift your mind setup whenever you become puzzled by some office issues.

Adding greenery to desk

4. Standing desk

Standing desks are a unique innovation for office staff. While sitting on the chair for a long time in office is sometimes painful and it may cause back pains. You can work smoothly by using this in the office. 

5. Switch out the Mug

Instead of taking coffee in the company cup, you can use your own Mug. To make it interesting customize your Mug with your photo or some quotes.

 6. Display the pictures creatively

You can display your photos in some handmade photo frames or just hang on a wire. It will grow a personal relationship with your colleagues.

7. Use Push Pins or Fun Magnets

These can give a small life to the cubicle wall in the office. Try some fun magnets & push pin for the cork or magnetic board. These are so small and you can be crazy with their bright colours.

8. Use colourful holders to keep notes

You can use some colourful and unique noteholders instead of typing passwords on your desktop or attaching the papers to the wall. Make it interesting by uplifting some messages or quotes.

9. White Board or Bulletin Board

Visualising at work desk

Particularly if visualizing the things helps you to learn & remember things, you can bring these in your office and throw them into the cubicle as some fun ways to remain on the top of aspects.

10. Add a Lamp on the work desk

If the fluorescent lighting in your office makes you die a little inside, buy a little bright lamp and fix it on your work desk. It will add some warmth in your work and light up your mood instantly.

11. Word/Quote of the day

Make a habit to write a motivational quote on the board every day before starting your work. It is so much interesting and as well as makes you feel positive during work.

12. Wall Decor

Maybe you become bored with the flat walls around you in your small workplace. You can try to modify it by decorating the wall with some family photos, customised frames, hanging calendar or unique style wall clock.

13. Bookrack

You can keep some novels or management related books on the racks. You can read those books in between your office hours to relax your mood.

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