6 Ways To Improve Your Performance And Productivity

Your company is functioning, but is it functioning well? Are your employees accomplishing their tasks efficiently? Is the work done as per the desired quality standards? Is the workforce happy with the work environment? Last but not least, how high is the overall productivity of the firm? If you find it difficult to evaluate the overall performance of your company, then this blog is for you. 

Here are 6 ways that you can implement to achieve the productivity and performance that you are looking for:

1. Analyze and Find Out Underperformance Issues

This is how you start with Mission 100% Productivity. This has to be the first thing in your productivity planner. You need to understand all the points affecting your organization’s overall performance. Big or small, all factors need to be brought into consideration. Analyze them thoroughly to find the areas of performance and productivity issues, and address them. Make sure you don’t make any assumptions.

You might think that the books you’ve read on management and productivity are enough to understand the loopholes, but you are wrong here! There are no rules to solve this situation, you are dealing with humans here. The issues can vary from person-to-person. Low-performance levels could happen because of personal reasons, the lack of the right resources, being engrossed in the book of ra kostenlos, or probably inadequate personnel training. Sometimes, the employee doesn’t have a clear understanding of the company’s goals and vision, and this leads to a lack of sync between the two. 

Be it any scenario, your task is to fill the gap and help them bring out the necessary productivity factor.

2. Praise the Praiseworthy 

Thank Your Essential Employees for their Hard Work with Gifts

People feel motivated when their work and effort is appreciated. They feel supported, valued, and they make more efforts to push themselves for better productivity. Appreciation doesn’t only work for those who are appreciated, it also works for those who are not. Others draw inspiration from their well-performing colleagues and try to enhance their productivity.

Identify the high-performing employees at your firm, make them feel appreciated, and give them the right opportunities to grow. This practice is very useful, however, sometimes, it creates resentment amongst the workforce. It leads to hostility and unnecessary competition, not a very desirable situation for a workplace indeed.

Your task is to set the right positive tone choosing the best employee so that it’s taken in a very constructive manner. Allow your employees to help choose the criteria for the best, encourage their involvement, and help them take ownership of their work environment and culture. This is how ‘Praise the Praiseworthy’ will become a democratic practice. 

3. Involve them in communications

Build a transparent and effective communication channel. It is important to remove all those unnecessary communication barriers that hinder the productivity of your company. Ensure that the employees can easily contact their team members and seniors through a simple communication system. It will help meet the deadlines and get appropriate feedback on time. It increases productivity and saves time, as well. 

Create a culture that encourages collaboration in projects and the sharing of ideas. It will help create a well-coordinated team with higher performance levels, even the productivity of working from home.

4. Use OKR to align your corporate goals and employees’ individual goals

Objectives and Key Results system, also known as OKR, is one of the very effective productivity methods used by big companies like Google, Twitter, and others. It improves productivity by simply linking a personal goal to a company’s goals. This system helps the employees to see the impact of their efforts directly on the company’s performance. It boosts performance and gives a method to measure productivity and track goals. 

5. Feedback is the Key to Productivity

Feedback for productivity

A good feedback system is the crux of a healthy work environment, boosting productivity, engagement, and gaining the best results. Communicate with your employees regularly. Find out what is working and what’s not. Make an easy feedback system and encourage them to give feedback whenever a point comes to their mind. It will make the entire organization more effective, and everyone will feel valued. Such a system will increase the productivity of home working and freelancers as well. 

6. Consistent Training 

We live in a dynamic world where everything needs to evolve to survive. Your employees need the same to bring productivity to the company. Train them with new skills and help them to be relevant to their improved performances and productivity. Make sure that they get to learn the right skills suiting their roles that will benefit you as well as them. A win-win for both. 

Let the managers take up the role of a coach and give your employees the right kind of assistance to get the productivity that is required. This way, the workspace won’t be just another place where one works, it will be the space where they learn as well. 

Towards a 100% productive workforce

Enhance Your Business

Make your employees your allies, make them understand why productivity is important. Grow your company with them and help them grow as well. Don’t just implement these six steps on them, do it with them. And that’s how you will have the productivity that your firm must have!

About the Guest Author:

Ellen is a psychologist who has been working as HR manager for 4 years. Having spent so much time with people and dealing with their professional workflow, she found that her knowledge is enough to become an online coach for companies and organize people, making their work more productive. Ellen also writes articles on professional motivation. In her free time, she loves reading and fishing with her 2 dogs. 

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