Ways to hold a birthday party this Covid- season!

The world was introduced to this deadly pandemic in December 2019. By March, the virus had spread throughout the globe like a forest-fire, and many countries had to shut down completely. Although many countries never had a complete lockdown, social distancing rules were applied and followed even in those countries. It meant that no big parties or large gatherings were allowed. Everyone did follow these rules for the sake of their health and society’s health as well.   

But due to this significant ongoing issue, birthday parties and the little celebrations got sidelined.   

Because we are still amid a pandemic, it is impossible to celebrate a traditional birthday party yet. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot honor your birthday altogether. Birthdays bring a lot of happiness and excitement in everyone’s lives, and in these rough times, we do need that. So, here is a list of unconventional birthday party ideas that you can try out and uniquely celebrate your birthday.   

Playing a virtual Escape Room:

To get in the spirit of a virtual party, we present you with the perfect party idea! A virtual escape room! Escape rooms are real-time adventure games where the players are locked in a room, and the mission is to escape. The room has a storyline, and the puzzles and quizzes are built according to that story.

The players have to decipher all the codes and solve the puzzles. If the players can do that, they will escape the room and win the game. The game is very immersive and interactive, which makes it ideal for a birthday celebration. The virtual escape rooms can be played from the comfort of your home via zoom calls, Whatsapp, or Skype calls.  

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Any escape room that you play virtually has a game-guide in the room that will solve the mystery on your behalf. The game-guide will be following all your instructions, and they will act as your puppet. Therefore, in the end, the chances of winning or losing still depend on your skills. The game-guide will show you around via a camera, and this will enable you to have a full-on experience of real-time adventure. So, send a virtual invite to all your friends and play this adventure-filled game together.  

Family game-night:

Our busy schedules have made us distant from our family members. Do you remember the last time you hanged out with your loved ones and played a board game or had a heart-to-heart conversation with them? This birthday you cannot go out, so how about we bring back the family game night! A game-night can be a fun way to celebrate a birthday. You can play a game of monopoly, chess, or ludo with your family. These games usually last for 3-6 hours if you play them with a group of 4-6 people. Now is the perfect time to take all those board games out of the cupboards, dust them off and get ready to play all night with your family!  


A movie marathon is one of the best ways to celebrate your birthday night. If you are a movie-lover, then sitting on the couch, binging on popcorn, and watching movies that we enjoy sounds like literal heaven. You can watch a movie series or show series, whichever you like better. If you are a movie-lover, here are some of the best movie series suggestions for you to watch with your family- the Lord of the Rings series, Harry Potter series, Movies from Marvel Cinematic Universe, Jurassic Park series, or Indiana Jones series. So, whatever is a genre you love, there are numerous options available.  

You can also binge on a sitcom like Friends, How I Met Your Mother, The Office, Brooklyn 99, or any other of your choice. Also, you can watch a movie on a streaming platform like Netflix party. Netflix party allows you to watch and chill out with your buddies at the same time. So, no matter how far your friends or family are from you, you can still watch and enjoy a movie together.  

Have a family dinner at home:

Looking for a wholesome way to spend your birthday? Nothing can be better than having a warm, delicious meal with your family.  

Cook some delicious foods that you and your family love. Involve all your family members in the job, and while cooking, you may also play games and sing songs. Another fantastic thing that you can do is bake a cake from scratch. You would relish the taste of the food even more because you made it yourself and put your hard work and love into it.  

If you do not live with your family, then video call them, set your phone on your table, and have a meal together virtually! Don’t forget to click pictures so that you can always go back and relive this memory whenever you miss this moment!  

Host a group video call:

This is the most basic idea, but we cannot deny its importance. You obviously will be missing your family and friends on your birthday. So, host a group video call and play a game together. The age-old Truth and Dare never goes out of fashion. Have a good laugh by daring your friends to do random stuff or get the truth out of them and spill some saucy secrets!  

You can also play online games like Pictionary for a classic end to a party. A gathering is incomplete without reminiscing about the good old times. Take a trip down memory lane and remember the moments that have led to your strong bonding and end the virtual party and end your day on a wholesome and hopeful note.  

Although you cannot meet the people you love physically, meeting them on screen doesn’t sound like an evil plan. After all, looking at them smile through your laptop screen will instantly light up your day as well and make you realize how blessed and lucky you are!  


These were a few ways you can celebrate your birthday in an entirely non-conventional manner. We do not claim that they are as good as the traditional way of celebrating a birthday because we acknowledge that their virtual presence can replace people’s physical presence.  

We sincerely hope you do not host huge birthday celebrations or events and follow all the social distancing measures. You can make a massive difference by celebrating your birthday from your home. After all, by doing so, you are just protecting your family and stopping the spread of this deadly pandemic.  

We are sure that the ideas in this list can prove to be great ways to celebrate, and you will make memories of a lifetime.  

And who knows, you might end up appreciating this pandemic party more than a traditional one! 

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