Ways to Gain Backlinks to Local SEO Landing Pages

Optimizing landing pages is a crucial component of marketing campaigns.

For example, contextual advertising systems determine the position of a landing page in an ad unit and the cost of a click, assessing its quality and relevance. A “search engines” take into account the quality of the page and its compliance with technical requirements, ranking the resources in the issue.

Please note search engines usually use the term “optimized page”. And contextual advertising experts most often talk about landing and landing pages, as well as landing pages.

Content marketing specialist using systems integrative approaches to the promotion of projects do not share the concept of «SEO customized» and «landing page».

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Creating landings, they provide the possibility of using them in both PPC campaigns and search marketing, which is about customer attraction.

In other words, you need to optimize welcome pages for web search queries, and “SEO-optimized” pages should have the characteristics of a full start page. How to ensure this in practice?

The following elements should be present on the home pages:

Eye-catching title is meaningful to the expectations of a visitor.

Theme informational content explaining the advantages of a commercial offer to a consumer. Moreover, content on a start page should be structured, which ensures high speed of data perception.

The top page design has to be visually appealing. A designer needs to remove all

unnecessary elements, including site navigation. There should be a conversion form or a call-button. The landing page operates more efficiently if there are trust elements. The best top pages are not static. Marketers improve them constantly using split testing.

What are the characteristics of an “SEO-optimized” page? From the classic SEO point of view, an optimized page should have the following features:

Meta tag title should include a key phrase. Meta tag description should consist of several key phrases. The page title should include a key phrase. The content of the page should contain key phrases. The page must have a linked environment. the page must have social networking buttons. What are the characteristics of an optimized top page? «SEO optimized» pages are created to attract customers. Top pages are needed to “land” users moving to a website from ads in contextual advertising systems. And optimized top pages simultaneously perform both of these functions. What are the characteristics of these universal content marketing soldiers?

  • First, optimized top pages must meet the technical requirements of search systems.
  • Secondly, you must convert them.

So, if a top page is optimized perfectly, it has such characteristics as:

The title meta tag has to include a passphrase so that search systems may confirm the page’s relevance to a user’s request.

Meanwhile, the title must encourage a user to visit the page. Search systems apply this meta tag to form a link text to the resource of yours on the issuing page, so do not limit yourself to the banal enumeration of keys.

Meta tag description must encourage a visitor to enter the page. A thing is about «search systems» to use this meta tag to form a snippet on the results of the query page. Feel free to insert a key phrase into the description, but this practice does not impact the rating of the resource in the issue.

A title should contain a key phrase.

It is necessary so that a user was convinced of the relevance of the page to the search request immediately after the transition from the query or of the contextual advertisement. Moreover, the presence of a “key” in the header helps search systems to determine a page’s compliance with any search queries. Also, the title should cling to the user and motivate him to action. Getting on the page, the visitor in the first few seconds sees only the title. It is at this time that he decides whether s/he will remain on the resource or leave it.

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The content of the optimized page should also contain key phrases. Their density should be 3.75 units per cubic meter. As you know, this is a joke. The article “How to optimize content for sites correctly” says that the density of keywords and the intentional squeezing of “keys” into the text are remnants of the Palaeolithic era.

It is enough to focus on making informative stuff for living readers so that the key phrases themselves appear in the body of text in optimal density.

If you are making a product page or a classical home page with a commercial offer, focus on product features and customer benefits. List the main benefits that a consumer gets by accepting your offer.

Surely, in this listing, there is a place for one or two “keys”.

An optimized page should have inbound links from reputable industry resources. These links should be natural so that search engines do not punish the content for manipulating the issue.

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Kindly note that users rarely refer to classic home pages or product description pages. Therefore, search systems bid the contents that wind the credibility of such pages with the help of purchased links.

Also, the page requires social networking sharing buttons. It primarily concerns pages with valuable content, since users almost never share commercial offers and technical descriptions of products with friends.

People willingly put “likes” and click “tell friends” by reading the article “How to choose a laptop” or watching a video review of a particular smartphone model. But they are unlikely to use the buttons of social networks, hitting the page “Laptops” or a page describing a specific model of the smartphone. Please note that these pages can be “sharpened” for the same search phrases (“choose a laptop” and “smartphone X”, respectively).

An optimized landing page should have 

  • A landing page should have an attractive design. Extra decorative or navigation elements distract users. Therefore, ask the designer to remove the site navigation from the landing page. If the landing page is a content page, browsing must be present.
  • However, you can control the user’s behavior by inviting him to use conversion elements or go to the selling page of the site. Use illustrations to increase the attractiveness of optimized landing.
  • An optimized landing page should have structured content. Firstly, it facilitates the perception of information by users. Secondly, search engines welcome the structuring of the content.
  • The optimized landing page should include calls to action and trust elements. Note that calls to action often coincide with the needs of search engine users.
  • Optimized landing pages should not be static. When dealing with classic learning, marketing specialists use split testing to increase conversions continually.
  • The page focused on attracting natural traffic can also be improved using A / B testing, the Yandex. Webvisor tool, as well as through the analysis of user behavior.
  • SEO experts optimize pages to drive natural traffic. Specialists in contextual advertising create home pages to convert paid traffic. And content marketers perform these tasks saving time and marketing budgets of brands meanwhile.
  • Often you may use one optimized home page for search marketing and PPC campaigns. Such a page must be valuable and interesting to potential customers, as well as visible to search systems.

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