Five Ways AI Is Making A Difference Right Now

Even though artificial intelligence has been spoken about and worked on since the 1980s. We’re still in the early days of seeing what it can do for the human race. Nobody knows how much integration artificial intelligence might have with our lives ten years or even five years from now. But it becomes a little more commonplace with every passing year. It’s no longer a niche subject that’s only of interest to scientists and researchers. It’s a rapidly-developing form of AI that’s creeping into all of our homes. You might not think of it as artificial intelligence, but if you have a ‘smart speaker’ in your home. You’ve begun to use artificial intelligence on a domestic level already. 

Smart speakers are just the start of a process that’s likely to result in us having smart robots performing basic tasks in our homes in years to come. But that’s just one facet of a technology that could bring seismic change to almost every industry you could imagine. Here are just five of the ways that artificial intelligence is being used in the world around us right now – probably without you even noticing it’s there!

In TV and Movies

Television viewing figures for everything other than live events have been trending downwards for many years now, and that’s not because people have gone off the idea of watching television. It’s because people don’t watch television according to a broadcaster’s schedule anymore. We like to have the freedom to watch whatever we like, whenever we want to watch it. To do that, we make use of ‘on-demand’ and streaming services. Of all those services, Netflix is the largest and most popular. 

One of the reasons Netflix works so well is that it doesn’t only allow you to watch anything you want from within its gigantic collection; it also makes recommendations based on what you’ve watched before. The system it uses to make recommendations to you is way more complicated than anyone appreciates and it’s driven by artificial intelligence. Every time you stream something on Netflix – or on any of Netflix’s rival platforms. Artificial intelligence is building a profile of you and working out what to offer to you next. 

In Casinos

With every passing year, the casino industry moves away from the physical and into the digital. You no longer have to get dressed up and leave your home to place a bet or to gamble; online slots websites such as Rose Slots UK and casinos offer all the gambling entertainment you could ever want from the comfort of your own home. And artificial intelligence is helping companies to do that. The computerized opponents you play against in some versions of online poker are an example of artificial intelligence. But with casinos, AI is protecting you as well as playing against you. 

Within the past few months in the United Kingdom, an artificial intelligence program has begun to monitor the amount of time players spend on online slots and the amount of money they place on each bet. If the player’s behavior starts to become erratic – for example, they place a very large bet after a large loss on an online slot game. The AI will step in and double-check that the player truly wants to place that bet rather than acting on instinct. If the AI is concerned for the player’s welfare. It might temporarily lock them out of the online slots game completely. This helps to ensure that players are indulging in the hobby for fun rather than through addiction. 

In Transportation

We’ve been promised self-driving cars for years, and many predictions made. At the start of the 21st century said that they would be common sights on our roads already by the time the 2020s arrived. They’re not yet, but they’re still on their way. For obvious reasons, licensing authorities and national governments are reluctant to sign off on permitting driverless vehicles onto the roads until they can be totally sure of their safety. And nobody has yet been able to prove that a mass-produced AI-driven car can be relied upon. 

While there isn’t a universally-popular AI-driven car on the roads just yet, there are several on the fringes of gaining approval. One of the key issues AI used to face in this respect – being able to predict, what might be around a corner as opposed to just processing what was in front of a vehicle – has recently been overcome thanks to yet another AI breakthrough. The path is now clear for not only cars, but AI-driven delivery drones, and other forms of transportation. Your Uber driver may soon be a robot. 

In Medicine

A computer can be taught everything that a human being knows, but isn’t prone to making the same mistakes. Even the best doctor, nurse, or surgeon is prone to the occasional human error through fatigue, oversight, or poor judgment. Artificial intelligence doesn’t get tired or distracted. It remains focused on the task at hand – and that’s why it’s frequently becoming seen as a vital tool, when it comes to diagnosing a patient’s condition or recommending a course of treatment. 

A company called Cambio Health Care already offers AI software that helps medical professionals. To see the risk of a stroke or a heart attack in a patient far more quickly than the human eye might. Another software company has developed a form of AI that monitors the progress of patients in care homes and watches for signs of deterioration. In years to come, the ‘doctor on the rounds’ in your local hospital might be electronic. 

Financial Services

Fraud is the biggest threat to the well being of banks, and spotting fraud is never easy. The methods used to commit fraud to become more sophisticated every year. As soon as the human teams who work on identifying fraud are able to build a framework of tell-tale signs, the fraudsters have come up with a new system that’s better at evading detection. It’s a constant battle and one that will only be won with the assistance of artificial intelligence. 

MasterCard has invested heavily in artificial intelligence in recent years, and it’s not the only big-name financial services company to do so. The software that it has developed can monitor millions of accounts and spot unusual movements of money from one place to another far faster than a human could. And can also quickly identify unusual use of credit or debit cards. If you’ve ever been in a shop and had your card mysteriously declined despite having money in your account, you can blame artificial intelligence for that! 

These are just five key areas where AI is making big strides here and now. There are also artificial intelligence projects and trials up and running in education, agriculture, marketing, and even space exploration. While science fiction might have taught us that rapidly-advancing AI is something to be feared. The reality is that it’s set to become our best friend in years to come. We look forward to seeing what it might do for us next. 

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