5 Vital Things to Consider When Building Your Dream Gaming PC Build

Building your gaming PC setup is one of the most satisfying experiences a gamer can feel. The freedom of choosing your specs based on your budget is something that console gamers are missing out on. 

That’s why a lot of people prefer building a PC, not because of gaming only but also for other purposes too such as online work, for example. And if you are one of the crowds who want to have a gaming PC, then seeing you here is no accident. You can take the help of a professional pc builder also for this purpose. 

So before you get excited to drain your bank account for a PC build, here are five factors to consider you should keep in mind.

Cooling matters

Intense gaming and multitasking can make your PC a mini oven. There are even videos on the internet where you can cook on top of your processor if it gets heated enough. This is where the importance of cooling should never be overlooked. 

There are different parts in your PC build where you can install cooling fans. Most processors these days come with a stock cooler. Although stock coolers do the trick, it’s also viable to buy enhanced CPU coolers just to make sure.

Cooper-based CPU coolers tick the right boxes. But if you have the budget, you can go overboard and install liquid cooling for your build because it’s more efficient and quieter. Pair this with RGB cooling fans and you have yourself an eye-candy build that screams perfection.



If you’re wondering what an APU is, it’s a CPU with an integrated graphics chip on it. An APU is the best option for budget gamers since you don’t need to buy a separate graphics card for your build.

However, this all boils down to how you want to use your PC. Do keep in mind that APU can still handle games as long as you keep them at their lowest graphics settings. And if you are a gamer that is fine with such settings, then go for it.

This is a good investment if you are still saving up for a dedicated graphics card. An APU will do wonders in even the most basic tasks without problems. But still, a dedicated graphics card is a must. And this brings us to our next section below.

Graphics card is your best friend


If you want to get the most out of your games, then having a dedicated graphics card is the better option. Playing the latest PC games with the graphics cranked to the highest is one of the most satisfying experiences ever. 

You’ll see details better with particle effects flying on your screen that will truly make you gasp in awe. 

What’s more, you can even pair this with blood pressure monitors so you can still keep track of your health while spending hours in front of your PC. This is an overlooked aspect given the constant highs and lows when gaming.

Kidding aside, having a graphics card also lets you do more in other tasks as well. So if you are into video editing or any kinds of multimedia stuff on PC, a graphics card is your best friend for that.

RAM speed matters


Sometimes, people tend to ignore the importance of RAM speeds when building a PC. They just go to the store, pick one with the highest gigabyte, and call it a day. But aside from size, RAM speed also matters to get the most out of your PC’s multitasking experience.

RAM speeds come in different numbers. We have the 1600 MHz, 2400 MHz, 2666 MHz, and 3200 MHz. If you want to experience little to no lag when switching programs or applications, choose the highest one which is the 3200 MHz.

But if you are on a budget, consider having the 2666 MHz because anything lower than that won’t do well. Gone are the days where programs only need little RAM to operate. In today’s time, most PC programs and games are getting RAM hungry than ever.

SSDs are king

Hard Disk Drives are too old school. This is why most PC builders opt for Solid State Drives for their gaming setup. You can get a lot of benefits with SSDs. You get quick boot times, games load faster, and the chances of getting corrupted files are low. 

Solid State Drives don’t rely on a “disk” which is the main component of Hard Disk Drives. This is why it can process things faster since it is not reliant on disk speeds anymore. However, SSDs come at a costly price tag compared to HDDs.

There are still affordable variants but they come with low storage spaces, with 128GB being the minimum.

Better yet, buy an affordable SSD for your operating system files, and an HDD for your files. Doing so still gives you the benefit of faster bootup times since the operating system is installed on the SSD.



Building your dream gaming PC lies in how well your chosen specs will perform. That’s why it’s important to do thorough research before ordering PC parts. And we hope that this article helped you out in making that decision.

You can also go ahead on YouTube where you can find a plethora of PC building videos too.

There’s nothing worse than getting excited for your gaming PC build only to underperform once you turned it on. So be a keen and wise PC builder, and your gaming experience will thank you later.

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