Very useful products of artificial intelligence in 2021

Hello to all the readers the task art for this is to describe a product or application based on artificial intelligence. So we will try to understand what these products are all about like what purposes these products fulfill and how it uses artificial intelligence?

Let’s look at some expressions you can use instead of based on saying applications based on artificial intelligence. You can say applications supported by or applications that use our products that utilize products that are powered by or products that incorporate. So what are some of these products and applications that use artificial intelligence? You can talk about Amazon’s Alexa Apple’s personal assistant Siri self-driving cars facial recognition system in Apple iPhone X or Google photo app.

Application integrated with Artificial Intelligence

So now let’s move on to our sample answer I think artificial intelligence is a rapidly evolving technology with endless possibilities there are several applications that incorporate artificial intelligence. Let’s discuss four different examples of products of artificial intelligence.

(1) YouTube

I am also a frequent user of YouTube and every time I open it I find an array of recommended videos and without fail all of those videos are so interesting for me. It was only recently that I came to know from a research paper that YouTube uses artificial intelligence to make these recommendations.

In this paper piece, we will further enlighten this particular point of how YouTube utilizes a very powerful artificial intelligence program or algorithm to monitor viewer behavior. This algorithm records our viewing patterns, our search history, and our interests. The amount of time we spend on videos and based on all this it comes up with its recommendations. There are over five billion hours of videos on YouTube and it’s amazing that from out of all these videos this algorithm picks out the one that will catch our attention.

Other than creating the recommendations gallery this algorithm also carefully and quickly combs through all the videos and removes objectionable and inappropriate content and in this way it keeps YouTube this platform clean and safe.

So we can say products of artificial intelligence are no longer fiction or something that’s just used to make machines and robots that we saw in science fiction movies like terminator it is a reality today and we can expect more sophisticated artificial intelligence in the future and this will significantly impact our lives.

(2)Amazon Drone

Amazon’s fleet of drones began flight testing in 2013, but the business did not get federal aviation authority clearance to operate a fleet of delivery drones until 2021. The online retailer has joined a number of firms experimenting with the concept, which includes wing aviation, which is owned by Google’s parent company, alphabet, and ups flight ahead.

The drone has a number of special sensors to help it understand its surroundings, including GPS, visual thermal, and sonar detectors, which allow it to paint 3D images of the world around it, including obstacles on the ground like people, telephone wires, and buildings, as well as airborne intrusions like hot air balloons and other drones. This is the cornerstone of Amazon’s “detect and avoid” technology. You can call this the latest product of artificial intelligence.

(3) Tesla

In today’s world in addition to portable devices, cars are turning to Artificial Intelligence as well. If you’re a car enthusiast that you must consider tesla for once in your lifetime. This is one of the greatest cars ever offered. The automobile was able to attain several acclaiming qualities as well as characteristics such as self-driving, prediction, and total technical innovation. It’s getting better and better with time. Elon Musk is trying his best the advance the whole system.

(4) Plagiarism Checkers

These kinds of products of artificial intelligence are most commonly used by students and professional content writers. The most highly ranked tool for the detection of plagiarized is Turnitin. The founder of this product did not tell us about the operation of Turnitin. If we study various researches about this content checker tool. It reveals how ML is used to complete such operations. ML may be used to identify the plagiarism of non-digitized sources in the database, such as foreign languages sources or older sources.

Pros and Cons of artificial intelligence

Here are some inputs for the discussion part that artificial intelligence is anything man-made that demonstrates intelligence. If we talk about the positive aspects of artificial intelligence it can work indefinitely whereas human workers get tired it makes fewer errors so there’s a higher degree of accuracy and precision also artificial intelligence opens up new possibilities in fields like medicine business space exploration and many more.

If we throw some light on the negative aspects of artificial intelligence is very costly it may reduce employment opportunities. It can replace the low-skilled jobs too much dependence on machines in the future will reduce the mental abilities of human beings.


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