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Utilizing Event Keywords for Your Charity Marketing Campaign

Utilizing Event Keywords for Your Charity Marketing Campaign

When writing content for your charity website, you are naturally going to build in keywords that cover your appeals and locations that are in desperate need of support and donations. However, there is a way you can see a boost in your visibility by using ‘event keywords’ or keywords that are based around your charity events and the related holidays. 

For example, a Christian charity would see the benefit from writing plenty of content around holidays such as Easter, Christmas and the days of the Saints. Whereas as an Islamic charity would benefit more from writing content around their religious events such as Ramadan, Eid and the individual months including Dhul Hijjah and Muḥarram.

Planning Content Around Events and Holidays

When uploading content online, you need to plan ahead, rather than simply posting on the day as it does take search engines a little while, potentially a few days, to properly index your content and for it to start appearing when people search for related queries or terms. Prepare a content calendar that provides ample time for you to create, upload and share your content. Recommended time periods suggest leaving at least a month between uploading your content and expecting it to appear in search results.

Finding Your Event/Holiday Keywords

Employees in your charity who have been working with the organization for some time will know which events and holidays are likely to be most relevant and offer benefit to the charity. Use their knowledge to arrange a brainstorming session that will allow you to prioritize the different keywords and by extension, find related and long-tail keywords that can also be built into your content to improve the visibility and ranking of the piece

Utilizing Event Keywords for Your Charity Marketing Campaign

Holiday terms and keywords can be typed into tools such as SEMrush, Google Keyword Planner and Ahrefs (just a few examples covering different price points) which will provide you additional keywords and long-tail keywords and advise on how difficult it is to ‘win’ a particular keyword. Keywords with high search volume but the low difficulty will offer the fastest results, while planning content to accommodate higher difficulty keywords over a long period, can help establish your charity as a trusted authority. 

Creating Content That Ranks Well

With your holiday/event keywords planned, your teams can begin the process of working to your planned content calendar. You will want to ensure the type of content you produce is quality and will help new online visitors establish trust in your company to become long-term contributors. Take the time to carefully research what content is already available and make a record of the top results for certain holiday keywords. Long-form content is popular and good for ranking, but it needs to be informative and valuable and potentially broken up from infographics and pictographs to make it easier to read, pause and come back to. 

Online users are more likely to engage with visual content such as images and videos or where the resource is available, interactive content such as 3D VR maps, an example of which can be found here. Where resource allows, consider investing in the creation of interesting and visually appealing content that really appeal and capture the attention of your potential donors. Websites like Freepik and Shutterstock can provide quality, licensed images to include with written content, whereas Videoscribe is an excellent example of a video creation tool that doesn’t require high cost or intense resource. 

Remember, content that comes from a first-hand view, like this blogging example, will always read and resonate better with your readers as they are able to relate to an individual, rather than a corporation. Consider the tone your content is written in, making it more personal, causal and appealing to your donor. You’ll soon be recognized as a more ‘human’ charity organization and connects better with its contributors. 

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