Using iPad mini as a phone replacement?

Using the iPad mini as a phone replacement, doesn’t that sound crazy? But why not? It’s not that we already do not have large phones to categorize themselves as tablets. More recently, we have seen larger phones being called phablets. So, thinking about the iPad mini as a phone replacement doesn’t seem bad.

The Pros

The latest Apple iPad mini is a brilliant device, has a capable A15 Processor, can be compatible with the Apple Pencil, and can also attach a keyboard if you like.

Furthermore, you can insert a SIM card if you purchase the WiFi + Cellular model. Using cellular data, you can work on the iPad mini without having to search for WiFI, which is great when you’re on the move. Plus, the Apple iPad mini isn’t an overwhelmingly large device that can’t be carried around with ease. You can make calls via VoIP services like FaceTime Audio or Video and similar apps. You can also use WhatsApp Calling, but there isn’t an official app for the iPad yet, but you can rely on third-party app providers or use WhatsApp Web via Safari.

Another advantage of replacing your phone with the iPad mini is that you can do much more productivity on an iPad. Similarly, no iPhone is compatible with the Apple Pencil, but the iPad mini six can be used as a note-taking device or a good work machine when you attach a keyboard.

The Cons

The cellular version of the iPad mini 6, or any iPad for that matter, cannot be used to make or receive normal calls. Only VoIP calls can be made or received. Without a call receiver speaker, all your conversations can be heard aloud if you do not have headphones. Though the iPad mini 6 is a compact tablet device, it cannot fit in pockets, and you will need to carry it around in your hands.

Though you will enjoy working on the iPad mini 6 because of the larger screen, it can’t truly be called a phone replacement without the option of making or receiving normal calls. I would regard the iPad mini as an added companion but not a replacement for regular smartphones.

However, if your daily work involves making and receiving calls only via VoIP services, and most of your contacts are using FaceTime, the iPad mini 6 can serve you well. But remember to carry headphones. Also, gaming on the iPad is a lot more fun than watching movies and series. To sum it up, the iPad mini can’t truly replace a phone, but for some users, it can do its job well.

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