How to Grow your Email List using the Instagram Account

The main game of Instagram is getting more followers; however, it is crucial to note that this platform is ideal for growing various other aspects of a brand as well. In fact, an ideal way in which Instagram can be used for growing your business is by taking the relationship that you have with the followers directly into their email inboxes. Even when the current landscape is extremely social media heavy, there is no denying the fact that email is undoubtedly a valuable manner of building relationships, which last for a really long time. Here is how to Grow your Email List using the Instagram Account.

Why Instagram is the ideal place for getting more subscribers

Building a huge follower base on Instagram is definitely one of the most important priorities for most of the businesses today. Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most engaged platforms, and almost 2% to 7% of the followers are responsible for interacting with each and every post that is posted on Instagram. Apart from that, users prefer spending long hours on Instagram in comparison to other social networking platforms. This provides you a better chance of connecting as well as building relationships with different kinds of people.

Instagram Account for Growing the Email List

How can you make use of Instagram for growing the email list?

Given below is a list of the tips that you can follow in order to grow your email list using Instagram.

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Ensure that you are bringing out the competitive nature of all your followers

There is no denying the fact that every person loves competing with one another. Whenever you are going to see that you have the chance of winning something incredible, you will definitely end up putting your name into the hat. And, Instagram is definitely the ideal platform for hosting a competition. Any post on Instagram, which is related to any contest, gets more comments and likes in comparison to the other social media platforms. This proves that you have the option of reaching more people as well as leverage promoting the email list.

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Ensure that you are getting the followers involved

User-generated content is currently raging everywhere. Sharing photos, videos, as well as reviews of the customers is definitely one of the best ways of boosting engagement because it is known to act as the digital form of the word of mouth marketing. The ideal way of doing this is by creating designated hashtags and increasing the followers to add different content. You can use these contents for building the email list. 

Use Instagram Account for Growing the Email List

Incorporating calls to action

It is obvious that you want sign-ups from almost all your Instagram followers; however, it might not be obvious for them. It is your responsibility to ask people to take one more step and use calls to action so that they click, buy, or sign-up to your email list.


Email marketing is definitely an ideal way of ensuring that your business is one step ahead. Ensure that you follow the steps that have been mentioned above in order to grow your email list through Instagram.

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