Usage of Social Media In Online Reputation Management

Business reputation on the internet is the main subject of attention for many representatives of business and ordinary people recently. It is extremely important in the era of “internetization” for companies to monitor and respond to mentions about them on the Internet. Companies, operating in completely different industries, have just become to not only pay attention but also really monitor their reputation in the network.

An increasing number of people uses search online before they make a purchase. If speak by the language of statistics, about 70 percent of people, which read reviews in the Internet, primarily rely on reports of his friends and relatives. While in general 90 percent of users trust the reviews of other consumers. It is also worth noting that 42 percent of people finds partners in business through Internet.

Thanks to surfing in the network, 45 percent of users learn useful information that made them to change their minds. In addition, recent research tells us that 22 percent of people, who have had a bad experience, will leave a comment on this subject in the Internet. Only 9 percent, who have had a good experience, will do the same.

Therefore, how do companies use effective social media for improving your online reputation management? It will be told about them below.

1. Social media as an optimizer of search engine. 

If you do not get rid of negative reviews in the network, they will have a direct negative impact on sales. It is a bad sign if the primary keys queries, related to your business appear as negative results of the issuance on the first page of Google or other search engines. Fortunately, social media sites provide great opportunities for the correct positioning of the company in the search engines. Create all profiles of business on all major social platforms and optimize them.

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2. Selection of correct and possibly social media platforms for your business. 

Choose only those essential platforms that simply can be most effectively used to promote your brand. Otherwise, you will spray and expend your forces, finance and time inappropriately. For example, financial companies can choose LinkedIn for communication with their clients. This is a professional platform, which many people use for enhancement of their business activity.

3. The spread of good sides. 

Whenever possible, share with those good things and mentions that people say about your business in social media. Try not to be too formal and intrusive, in order not to cause irritation by your messages. Your goal is to make sure and convince others that the people are happy with your work. Make it clear that the customer’s positive comment is something special and the best reward for you.

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4. Be sensitive to the problem of customers and listen to them. 

Try to make sure and be completely aware of all those unpleasant and negative things that people say about your brand and promptly respond to them. Working with negative online and purification reputation on the Internet should be done with extreme caution. Real complaints from customers should be solved as soon as possible. If they have any questions, they will turn to you as the first person. The course of events depends on how you lead yourself. Convince your customers that actually you are doing everything depending on you and possible to solve the problem.
Often this is the main thing that people want to hear in response. Usage of social media as a source of dealing with complaints and solutions of customers’ questions helps to build a loyal and trusting relationship between the consumer and the brand. Despite a long time, suggestions and wishes of customers are free tips, which can be an amazing strategy to somehow better your business.

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