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As simple and easy as it sounds, the sad truth is that many people dispose of their undies days after purchasing them. For some, it is a week, for some two weeks, and it goes like that.

However, you might wonder how to take care of your undies like a fragile property.

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Hot water is good for washing though, it makes white underwears even whiter. However, it is not advisable to wash underwear with an elastic touch in hot water, wear the waistband out and then pull out its elasticity.

Coldwater is very much advisable and safe.


Don’t make the mistake of using colored detergents for your undies, especially your white undies. Colored detergents tend to bleach it to another color.

While washing also, especially when using a washing machine, don’t wash your cloth with a bleaching dye alongside your white undies. It will stain your undies, and dye them into patches, thereby reducing the plainness and making it very full.


When handwashing your undies, always wash it gently. Don’t wash it like jeans trousers. It will become softer and will become more liable to tearing easily. Especially one with a rubber design, it will tear easily and would not look nice when worn. Furthermore, if you wash with a washing machine, always ensure it is fixed in a ‘gentle cycle’, not strong. There is always a button that indicates whether the clothes should be washed gently, normally, or strong.


Well, it is a dirty habit to store up undies in the laundry bag or basket without washing. As soon as you use it, wash it immediately, else the stains of sweat will dry up on it and it will be very difficult for you to wash it gently, you might have to scrub it, which is not good.

It is not always difficult to wash, so take out 3-4 minutes to wash your undies effectively and neatly.


Rather prefer to dry it when the breeze comes through. It will preserve the elasticity of the underwear, as opposed to very hot conditions. It is not too good for the hot sun.

At the same time, it is not advisable to use dryers on your underwear, so as to preserve the materials therein.

Also, don’t iron your underwear. As earlier stated, it is not advisable to expose your undies to heat, high temperature, or pressure. Elasticity is important.


Don’t wear your undies twice in two days. As the days pass, change your underwear. If you wear it consistently, it is very possible to tag stains on it, and definitely, you’d have to wash it every day. In order to preserve the quality of your underwear, change your underwear every day. Get more underwear from the stores and use them well.

Plus once you notice your underwear needs change, please dispose of it and get a new one immediately.

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