8 Most Unbelievable Advances in Gaming Technology

Almost all of us have had played 2D arcade games on our computers, right? Since smartphones have taken over, we’ve then switched to 3D games. There is no doubt that technology around us has evolved the gaming world completely.

In the early development of games, we saw a lot of pixelated games that were coded on assembly language. However, with the help of immersive graphics, the line between reality and the virtual gaming work has been cut down by a lot.

Did you know that millions of people around the world have become mesmerized with the new and innovative products that the gaming industry has made? Most of these are at the cost of their health. Keep in mind that a lot of computer and console games have altered the world we know beyond all appreciation within just a few decades.

Advances In Gaming Technology?

With technology on the rise, we have seen a lot of distinct technologies that changed the gaming experience forever. One two gamer has stated, “Don’t worry, these technologies are not limited to facial and voice recognition, or hand-gesture control.”

So, are you ready to witness the most incredible and the most unbelievable advances in gaming technology? Keep reading until to get the most out of it.

#1: Artificial Intelligence Is Growing Intelligent 

Did you know that Artificial Intelligence or like most of the people call AI has indeed taken a huge leap and has managed to integrate itself into the world of gaming? AI has changed the gaming experience forever. Yes, from NPC’s to solo gaming, this technology has been rising exponentially.

Well, it is for sure that AI technology is one of the best and innovational technology that has and ever will continue, not only for gaming but for other purposes too.

#2: The Rise Of 3D Gaming 

Nowadays, the games that we play are 3D games. We play modern games that comprise on 3D rendered environment and characters. To be honest, we can’t even imagine playing a game that does not have immersive graphics, right? Even though people have played pixelated games. And this 3D rendered technology is not very old too. Indeed, with the help of 3D graphics, the games are now being developed better looking.

#3: Online Gaming Has Been Revolutionized 

The games we play today are mostly intended for playing online or most of them have an element of built-in feature to it.

You can say that long gone the days are when playing multiplayer games with your friends meant connecting the game on a common server or using a LAN cable. Now you can play with any player in the world around the clock.

#4: The Line Between Reality And Fantasy Is Cut Down 

With each year passing by, we see that the graphics of games are becoming more and more real. But, because of this, older games have started to look very basic and boring.

The line between reality and fantasy has been cut down to a minimum. Indeed, there has been an improvement in the processors which have enabled games to intimidate life-like scenarios.

However, to play such games, you will need to have a high specification gaming console or a PC.

#5: Portability 

It doesn’t matter whether you have a smart watch or glasses, the wearable technology has made a huge leap in gaming as well. This is much true without being too much invasive. We all know that wearable technology first becomes very popular because of fitness applications.

However, we see that a lot of companies have started to incorporate such devices for entertainment as well. Wearable devices are not only portable but are the extension of the future of online gaming consoles.

#6: Gaming Applications And Smart Phones 

As we’ve mentioned above, portable smart devices are the future of gaming. So, it is well understood that mobile phones are going to become mainstream as well.

In older phones, snakes and other games were found, right? Well, now some of the mobile phones have specifications that even your office laptops or personal computers might not possess.

#7: VR And AR Are The Next Big Thing

This is what all are waiting for, aren’t we? Playing games in a virtual world is no longer a dream. Augmented and virtual reality has indeed allowed all of the gamers to travel into the world of gaming without leaving the comfort of their house.

There is no doubt that both of the technology has stimulated a high level of engagement and has allowed the players to experience games as they’ve always wanted.

#8: Cloud-Based Gaming 

Instead of making video game systems that required a lot of high spec hardware, game developers have now started to turn to the cloud. Yes, this means that gamers would no longer need to be limited by the memory that consoles or PCs had to offer. 

Technology continues to advance year after year. Games like Fortnite are leading the way with innovation. Read more here.

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