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Canada has gained a worldwide reputation as a peaceful nation, offering diversity and good quality of life. Canada is home to fantastic destinations. Canada is a democratic country and provides equality in rights and freedom under the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms. Through this charter, people can easily experience democratic and political rights for all citizens and permanent residents.  

When we talk of the best places to visit in Canada, it certainly comprises the most astounding ones.  

Here’s a list of the top 20 Canadian destinations that you must not miss out on if you plan to spend time in the country anytime soon 

Quebec- a walled city 

Quebec City is one of the most prominent and charming places in Canada. It is situated in North America and is the oldest walled city. It is extremely fascinating due to the French influence, art and culture. You could visit this enchanting city in June and between September and December. 

Prince Edward Island: discover golf courses 

Prince Edward Island has numerous magnificent golf courses, so you can play a game or two on this calm and beautiful Island. The green hills and seafood are major tourist attractions on this island. The best time to visit here will be July to August. 

Kluane National Park, Yukon 

Most of the area of this park is covered by ice and mountains. Mount Logan, the highest peak in Canada, is a part of the vast St. Elias range. Kluane National Park is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Kluane National Park is situated in the Southwest region of Yukon. The national park’s interior is visible through flightseeing tours or skis touring expeditions.  

Apart from Mount Logan, it is also home to around 20 more mountains, the tallest ones. Mountain goats, wolves, Dall sheep, black bears, and Caribou are all a part of this massive park. 

As a visitor, you must experience the glacier and the splendid surroundings. You can even share the beauty of Kathleen Lake with its exciting campsites and wildflowers.  

Alberta’s Banff National Park and Lake Louise 

Banff National Park was Canada’s first national park in 1885 and hence the oldest one. It comprises breathtaking mountain scenery, which is over 6,641 square kilometers long.    

Banff gets over a million visitors to experience and rejoice over the emerald waters of Lake Louise. They love to be a part of the flowered Sunshine Meadows and also get a view of the Icefields Parkway. Ancient and glistening glaciers, along with serene lakeshores, form an intrinsic and beautiful part of the National Park. 

You can choose to stay at the best Canadian hotel, Fairmont Banff Springs.  

Long Beach, Tofino, British Columbia- for all water lovers 

Tofino is the best place to visit if you’re a water lover and love to visit beaches. Tofino is an exotic beach located on Vancouver Island, Canada. You could even visit Chesterman and Long Beach. You must even indulge in fun activities such as kayaking and Pacific Rim National Park (for camping). 

Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland 

Gros Morne National Park is acknowledged as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is well-known for being a Geological wonder depicting the continental drift’s process beautifully. It symbolizes geographical diversity with watery cliffs, freshwater fjords, beautiful and serene lakes, coastal lowlands, waterfalls, and high peaks. It also showcases spectacular scenery, such as the exposure of the ocean’s crust and the earth’s mantle.  

Prince Edward’s Island’s Cavendish beach 

Cavendish beach is undoubtedly the most popular one in PEI. The beach has some fun activities such as interpretive programs related to ecology and wildlife, walking trails, and weekly programs on making sand castles. Beautiful dunes protect white-gold sand. 

Cavendish beach is situated within the national park. You could even visit the nearby historical sites such as the Green Gables Heritage Place.  

Bay of Fundy, New Brunswick 

The Bay of Fundy is well-known for its extreme and highest tides, 54 feet and 16m. It is popular for its diverse ecosystem and is even compared to the Amazon rainforest. The water of the Bay of Fundy has abundant fish, dolphins, seabirds, seals, etc. Its framework is surrounded by astonishing rock cliffs, marsh plateaus, sandstone statues, etc. This site certainly attracts tourists to it.  

Old Montreal- explore the old-world charm 

Old Montreal is surrounded by magnificent buildings, splendid horse-drawn carriages, and old-world charms. Travelers seeking to enjoy unique and serene experiences don’t have to find a place now because they already have Montreal. The most amazing things you could do in Montreal are exploring the underground city and taking a food tour of Old Montreal.  

Stanley Park- the gorgeous looking park 

Stanley Park is one of the most gorgeous places in the city of Vancouver. Spellbound red-orange trees surround it along with the Red Cedar and Douglas Fir trees. The park will surely make you fall in love with nature. You must visit the park in April, June-October, and late March. Fun activities could include biking and rollerblading. 

Okanagan Valley- tourist’s heaven 

Okanagan Valley is the ultimate place filled with fruit orchards and wineries. You must visit the valley to capture the beauty at its best. A must-visit is the Mission Hill Winery and also the Kelowna region. Spend leisure time at Okanagan Lake. The most appropriate time to visit here would be between June to September. 

The Yukon- a magical place 

Yukon is a special place in Canada; visiting here will give you a sense of magical touch. The northern lights gleam together, forming a gorgeous scene in the sky in front of your eyes. The scene is visible from Dempster Highway.   

Plan your visit to Yukon between May to October.  

Cape Breton- explore the most fantastic place in Nova Scotia 

Cape Breton is situated in the eastern part of Nova Scotia and it is known for its rich heritage with origins of Scottish, Irish, French, and Aboriginals. The Cabot Trail is the medium of travel connected with Cape Breton, which also surrounds forests and coastlines. The perfect time to visit this place will be between July to August.  

Perce Rock- an enormous and natural rock 

Perce Rock is a part of the splendid St. Laurence River as it is situated right in the middle of it. There is even a village known as Perce, you can visit the village to hear stories of the Sea Monster. The place is home to picturesque views and you will even get to hear traditional stories. The best time to visit here will be between July to August. 

Mount Logan- the highest Canadian peak 

The name Mount Logan is inspired by Sir William Edmond Logan, Canadian Geologist. You can get amazing top-views from the highest peak in Canada. Fun activities include Trekking. 

Mingan Monoliths- Cater to the oldest monoliths 

Mingan Islands is a gem for all nature lovers. It comprises 40 islands with the most striking characteristics such as limestone monoliths emerging out of the sea. A few of them are plain structures while others are full of vegetation. You must visit the islands between July to early September.  

Whistler- enticing Ski Resort 

If you’re seeking to spend your winter holidays in Canada, Whistler could be the best choice for you. Whistler is a snow land that you ought to enjoy. You could rejoice in thrilling and adventurous sports such as Skiing and Snowshoeing. You could visit here either between June to August or from December to March. Whistler town is also renowned for its cultural centers and art museums.  

Niagara Falls- an ecstatic view 

Niagara City is located near the Niagara waterfalls. You must visit the place if you would like to rejoice in the magic of the city. You must visit here to experience the splendid waterfalls and also spend some leisure time at Marine Land. It is located in Ontario, Canada. It is located in Ontario, Canada.  

St. Johns- for the artists 

This place is filled with colorful houses and it is also considered a mini version of San Francisco. It is something for the artists even though it is the oldest one, its vibe is certainly more youthful and fresher. You must also visit Water Street when you are here to enjoy shopping and eating. 

You could visit here between April to May and September to October. You could even visit the Cape Spear Lighthouse. It is situated in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. 

Churchill- for the adventurers 

If you are seeking to encounter wildlife and would love to indulge in underwater activities, Churchill is the right destination to satiate your quest for adventure. The place is full of Polar Bears and fits perfectly for adventure seekers. You could visit here from October to November. It is located in Manitoba, Canada, and also has many Beluga Wales. You must navigate through Fort Prince of Wales. 

Canada is worthy of satisfying your love for travel and wanderlust. Since it is the second-largest country in the world, it comprises vibrant landscapes, soulful culture, mesmerizing lakes, and gardens, all for you to explore.  

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