Toyota Land Cruiser Prado vs Toyota Fortuner

When buying that dream car you have always wanted, it is better to consider many factors. Durability and fuel efficiency should always be in your mind whenever you are planning to purchase a vehicle. Comfort is another major factor determining what kind of model to go for, especially if you are a family person. Getting the right SUV for your off-road trips should be a guide to getting that car you have always wanted.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and Toyota Fortuner are highly recommended for a person wishing to buy a four-wheel-drive vehicle. They are both SUVs with different capabilities ranging from comfort, durability, power, and space. Though they have excellent specifications that you might want when purchasing your desired vehicle, it is critical to understand the underlying differences that come with the two models.

What is a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado?

This is a four-wheel drive vehicle that is manufactured by the Japanese giant car manufacturer Toyota. Land Cruiser Prado falls under the Prado series and comes in different makes depending on your country of residence. The vehicle was first developed in the early 1980s with the inceptions of the 70 series. Since then, the model has been undergoing improvement in subsequent years, and recently we have the Land Cruiser Prado Fourth generation. This is the latest model introduced in the market in 2009 and has since been a darling to many.

What is the performance of the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado?

Depending on the country of residence, those destined for the European market have spare wheels mounted underneath the car, while those going to long-distance have their wheels mounted at the back to give more room for fuel tanks. In 2015, the model was improved to a VVT-i engine which led to increased horsepower and performance. The vehicle has enough space with enough headroom that is ideal for family vacations. Most of this model of Prado comes fitted with leather seats for extra comfort and durability. Those using diesel engines come with a turbocharged 1KD-FTV that improves performance and power. Recently, the vehicle has undergone a facelift that has improved the Land Cruiser Prado’s general design. The car comes fitted with advanced electrical gadgets like a music system.

Let us learn more about Toyota Fortuner

Compared to the new Toyota Prado, this SUV model is relatively smaller and built on a different type of chassis resembling the Toyota Hilux. The vehicle comes in both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. It is an average SUV vehicle with excellent performance and durability. The vehicle is still in its first generation, which was first developed in Thailand. The car is less comfortable in terms of comfort because of the chassis design, which takes after a pick-up Toyota Hilux. It is also shorter compared to the Prado that comes as a seven-seater. The interior is not that pomp as it comes with a relatively basic design. The vehicle safety features are up to standard and economically wise on fuel. Toyota Fortuner back seats fold toward the windows, thus eating more space that would have been used for carrying your stuff. There are different types of engines depending on the country of sale. There are both petrol and diesel VVT-i engines fitted in the Toyota Fortuner. Budget-wise, compared to the Prado, the price is relatively lower because Toyota Fortuner is a vehicle bought by specific people who know what they want in the car.

So what’s the best type of car to go for between Toyota Land Cruiser Prado and Toyota Fortuner?

While from the discussion above, it is evident that both kinds of cars are good and excellent SUVs to purchase. But with that said, there are significant differences that will make a person choose a Prado over a Fortuner. Toyota Prado has many advantages, like many extras that are not found in the Fortuner. The Prado continues to shine because of exotic designs that are being manufactured to date. For instance, the new Prado of 2016 has dominated markets across the world. They are the preferred vehicle by governments in carrying dignitaries and state officials. Toyota Fortuner is an excellent vehicle with exceptional performance but has not gained traction as its usage globally is still minimum.

My conclusion will be that if you have enough resources and need a vehicle that will serve you best, you have the liberty of choosing between the two brands discussed above. Your test, desire, and conviction will make you select the right vehicle, having been armed with the proper knowledge.

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