Top Ways To Dramatically Increase Your Income

A desire to increase income is always constant in life because the need for money never diminishes. Irrespective of the bank balance and job status, people are always looking for answers to how to increase income without working more. While it has been a constant worry, the situation caused due to the pandemic pushed the thought more fiercely. But while it led to lost jobs, it also encouraged people to get creative and find new ways to increase income. 

What Are Ways To Increase Income?

Despite what it seems like, there is no circumstance that you cannot use to your benefit. Sounds philosophical? Here is a short story for an example:

Alma Peter was working with a startup in New York for a decent paycheck. However, she lost her job when the owner passed away with Covid. She was left jobless and confused about the future with the lockdowns. But after waiting for a few months, she picked up on the trend of online education and did a few courses. While increasing her skills, she has been co-actively looking for new opportunities to increase income. And in less than four months, when the pandemic was still at its peak, she not only got a job with a renowned enterprise but also received a better salary. It is exactly what she wanted because of the added skills in her resume.

1. Education or Certifications To Increase Income

So our first point in the list of ways to increase income is education or certifications. Even though they may require some investment, the internet today has several platforms and options that let you add skills to your CV for free. 

2. Content Creation To Increase Income

The internet is full of content of all sorts on various platforms. Hence, joining the bandwagon is a great idea to increase income. And since content creating is a large umbrella, there is no reason to believe it’s not your deal. For example, you can write blogs, become a social media influencer, train people on something you are good at, create videos, share your opinions, review businesses, services, movies, etc. Having a loyal audience is like having an asset. So, besides getting advertisers to create passive income, it could be an answer to how to increase the income of a business. 

3. Sell Old Items To Increase Income

Thinking of how to increase income without working more? Sell off items you don’t use to earn from it. And since there are buyers for everything, you could use anything from furniture, electronics, and jewellery to sell online.

4. Answer Questions To Increase Income

As an individual, you can answer professional questions related to the field you are specialized in to help beginners. Several platforms run on the idea and pay the writers for answering. Additionally, you may answer on Quora, Reddit, etc., if you want to know how to increase income in business.

5. Play Video Games To Increase Income

Another cool idea is to earn by playing video games. Since video gaming is a pass time, you can’t really count it as additional work either. Platforms like Twitch are heaven for gamers. However, let’s not forget the Top Mobile Casinos Canada as an option to increase income with your game in manifolds.

6. Rent To Increase Income

Although you can rent about anything, real estate is the most beneficial one. You can either rent your space to people on a monthly fare or earn from it as vacation homes. It is the perfect answer to how to increase income from home and also without working more. Several listing companies are available to make it happen.


The list of ways to increase your income can be very long. However, it is because of the endless opportunities the internet offers, to increase income for both an individual and a business. All you need to do is learn the right way to use an opportunity, and the best part is that even training is available on the internet. However, it is consistency, determination, and patience that is the real recipe to increase income. Also, tell us in the comments which option would you choose to increase income?

About the author: William Benetton is a famous writer, professional photographer and web-designer. Last few months he has been creating interesting, informative blogs and websites. If you want to contact William, please check his Facebook. He can’t imagine his life without sport, travel and morning coffee.

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