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Top Trending E-commerce Development Trends 2020

Trending E-commerce Development Trends 2020

Nowadays we want a fast and reliable solution for everything. Business commerce level depends upon the type of marketing strategy we are using. Marketing itself evolves with time and now it has reached different levels. As every one of us is connected to the worldwide web, we seek a solution for everything online. To reach the exact crowd, a business should adopt digital marketing

E-commerce is a one-stop solution for the recent marketing needs of the business. As E-commerce will be evolving towards the latest trends, the following advancements will assists E-commerce to a greater extent. Techidology is the one of blog site that posts amazing things about various technologies including eCommerce, web development, mobile apps, etc.

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Personalized shopping experience

As needs are the mother of inventions, the customer needs to play a major role in marketing strategy. User engagement with the featured products will be increased, when it is personalized for clients. The online activities of the clients will be recorded to identify their preferences. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will help product promoters in E-Commerce services by providing customized marketing content, faster marketing drives, and increased user acceptance. Also, it helps in automated marketing campaigns. Automated marketing campaigns will reduce marketing time and increase the accuracy of marketing content. The following are the important applications of E-Commerce marketing, where Artificial Intelligence is used. 

Creating Strong Subject Lines

Innovative and attractive subject lines can be created by using AI. The AI tool uses several core applications to generate catchy subject lines for E-commerce marketing strategy. 

Idle time to reach customers

Artificial Intelligence can analyze the collection of information gathered about customers. AI tools can be used to calculate the best suitable time to reach the customer. 

Email Lists

Email list with AI

Categorized List of clients is mandatory for customized marketing campaigns. Grouping customers into a category with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence. AI tools interpret the large quantity of customer data collected from online resources to categorize customers, using which they can be segregated into groups. 

Marketing Automation

All the proceedings of the E-Commerce marketing campaign can be performed automatically with the help of Artificial Intelligence. AI will automate business activities like lead generation, automated digital marketing services,  personalized marketing content, and generating tailored offers for targeted customers. 

Social media shopping:

Visitors to Social media sites are increasing drastically due to the current COVID 19 situation. Customers use social media sites as a search engine for identifying their favorite products. E-commerce sites can create a social media page casting their products and services to attract the maximum number of targeted customers for their products. 

Augmented Reality:

Digital Payment

Even though online shopping is the most widely accepted shopping. Some bunch of peoples prefers the traditional method of shopping that is by experiencing the product. So E-commerce sites should find some means to provide the real-time visualization of the product to attract a certain mass of customers. Augmented Reality provides real-time simulation of the product to portrait the real features of the product to the customers. 


E-Commerce is unavoidable nowadays as most of us prefer online shopping methods. E-commerce sites can attract more customers with the aid of the above-explained advancements in marketing campaigns. These E-commerce development trends are necessary for the current competitive market to reach the targeted customers and to increase the customer traffic to their eCommerce sites.

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